Small smartphone and tablet computer screens are an excellent on the go, however if you’re in your living room then why not use your TV’s much bigger display screen instead? sharing your screen from your call or tablet computer to your TV is easy, but there are a few different alternatives available. In this article, we’ll show you these alternatives and what you’ll require for each.The very first decision you’ll should make is even if it is to walk wired or wireless. Wired princetoneclub.orgnnections space generally more reliable, but may require your device to it is in close come the TV. Wireless princetoneclub.orgnnections can sometimes drop out or stutter, yet offer much more rapid setup andallow you to move around unimpeded.

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There space three significant wired options for Android devices: USB-C to HDMI, MHL and also SlimPort. Her phone or tablet is most likely to assistance one or the other; to discover out watch the list of MHL supported devices and the list of SlimPort supported devices.


princetoneclub.orgnnecting your USB-C enabled smartphone or tablet to a TV, monitor or projector is exceptionally quick and also easy to execute by utilizing this adapter native Olixar. Additionally, unlike various other adapters top top the market, this Olixar USB-C come HDMI walk not call for a power source, do princetoneclub.orgnnection even easier, as displayed in the video clip below.

Plug in the USB-C end of the adapter into your smartphone or tabletIf you’ve not done therefore already, plug the other end of the HDMI cable right into a HDMI harbor on her TV or monitor. HDMI port are commonly found in ~ the behind of TV’s, monitors and also projectors.Navigate to the HDMI resource on your TV / MonitorSit ago and gain princetoneclub.orgntent including videos, photos, games and much more from your phone or tablet on the large screen.

Additionally, the Olixar Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra USB-C come HDMI Adapter has a variety of useful functions including sustaining both 1080p and 4K resolution at 60Hz, meaning you can watch videos v crystal clean clarity.


MHL was one the first major wired standard for princetoneclub.orgnnecting Android smartphones and also tablets come TVs, and is sustained by plenty of Android phones and tablets (list here). It uses a clever system that allows both power and audio/video to be sent out through her device’s microUSB port.

TVs, monitors and also projectors that assistance the standard (list here) have at least one unique HDMI port which likewise provides power; all you have to do is pick up a microUSB to HDMI (passive MHL) cable and also plug that in.


You have the right to still usage MHL also if her TV doesn’t assistance the standard v an MHL cable or adapter which has actually separate HDMI and also microUSB ports. The HDMI end goes into the TV together normal, and also a microUSB cable is attached to a USB harbor or AC adapter.

An MHL cable

microUSB (left) for power, HDMI for audio/video

Samsung devices have their own proprietary MHL adapters (“MHL 2.0”) which you’ll have to use instead. It’s also feasible to uncover these built into docks for Samsung phones or princetoneclub.orgnnection kits with additional ports.

Samsung’s proprietary MHL adapter

A third-party MHL adapter for Samsung devices

There’s much more information about MHL and also how to usage it here.


SlimPort is one more wired option, i beg your pardon is similar to MHL. The significant difference is the a strength input is optional. If no power is supplied, your an equipment won’t be recharged, yet the HDMI connect will tho work. SlimPort is supported by some recent smartphones, tablets and also laptops (list here), many notably LG and also Google devices.


To usage SlimPort, you’ll require a SlimPort HDMI adapter. The microUSB plug goes right into your phone, the USB plug goes right into a it is provided USB harbor or wall surface adapter, and also an HDMI cable princetoneclub.orgnnects adapter and also TV.


There’s an ext information top top SlimPort here.


There are number of wireless requirements to choose from, every one of which it seems ~ to have ‘cast’ in their name. Let’s look in ~ the finest three.

Android screen Mirroring

This is a great way because that those with a current Android machine and a clever tv. Simply swipe under from the top and into your notifications panel. Within over there you should uncover a display screen mirroring option, i m sorry on Samsung tools is referred to as Smart View. Pick the TV or screen you great to mirror your call to and also you’ll be an excellent to go.

If you don’t have actually this feature available, display screen mirroring have the right to still be available by downloading the Google house app. Once downloaded, insanity acprincetoneclub.orgunt button at the bottom appropriate princetoneclub.orgrner and also scroll under to mirror device, climate simply choose your TV or monitor.


The Chromecast is among the the very least expensive wireless choices for princetoneclub.orgnnecting your Android call or tablet computer to her non-smartTV.


Instead of mirroring your entire screen, you rather send specific princetoneclub.orgntent from apps on her phone – YouTube videos, Google Music songs, BBC iPlayer shows, Netflix movies – come the Chromecast dongle. It retrieves the princetoneclub.orgntent online making use of its wireless princetoneclub.orgnnection and plays it back through your TV.

There’s an ext information about Chromecast here.


Miracast assistance is had in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and also later. It works by do a straight wireless princetoneclub.orgnnection between your maker and her TV. Once the princetoneclub.orgnnection is made, her phone’s display is mirrored on her TV.

Many modern HDTVs have Miracast support constructed in. The easiest way to see if her TV is supported is to Google her TV’s model name + “Miracast”.

If your TV isn’t supported, girlfriend can also pick up a Miracast dongle that’ll include the necessary capabilities. Simply plug it into a power source and an HDMI port, and you’ll be ready to begin.

An cheap Miracast dongle

You can permit Miracast in setups -> Display. Native here, choose Wireless display and also toggle it ‘on’ in ~ the top. Climate you have the right to search because that Miracast devices and also princetoneclub.orgnnect come them. Note that this procedure might be slightly different depending on your phone’s Android version and also manufacturer.

You have the right to find an ext information ~ above Miracast here.

AllShare Cast

AllShare actors is a wireless mirroring conventional for Samsung smartphones and tablets (including the note 2 + 3, Galaxy S3, S4 + S5). The function is constructed into some current Samsung HDTVs, yet for various other TVs you’ll require the AllShare cast Hub.


Like various other HDMI dongles, you’ll simply need to princetoneclub.orgnnect the AllShare actors Hub to her TV via HDMI and also power it through the gave cable, then permit the AllShare actors option on your Samsung device in setups -> Wireless and also networks -> AllShare Cast.

There’s an ext information on AllShare actors here.

Note that it’s possible to use the much more widely supported Miracast ~ above Samsung devices running at least Android 4.2, indigenous the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 onwards.

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