In her solution to she shock suicide on Friday, Rosie O’Donnell revealed the her ex-wife Michelle Rounds had remarried and had an additional child since they parted ways. 

It to be the an initial public glimpse of her new life after her break-up from the comedian in 2014.

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Now, it can be revealed that Rounds, 46, married Krista Monteleone in December, 2016, and also that the pair were living quietly v their brand-new daughter in Windermere, Florida, when she died.

On September 11, police uncovered Rounds within her home shortly after 7am. It is not clear just how she passed away or who called for help.

She attempted suicide previously after she acrimonious split from O’Donnell and also was uncovered locked inside a hotel room after acquisition a cocktail of ‘wine and pills’. 

Michelle ring (L) married Krista Monteleone, 47, (R) in December critical year. Rounds, who is comedian Rosie O’Donnell’s ex, was found dead in her Florida residence after an noticeable suicide ~ above September 11

In the wake of her death, trolls attempted come blame her famous ex for she death and accused she of maintaining their four-year-old daughter Dakota away.

O’Donnell batted your criticism away, mentioning ‘she provided up her custodial rights’ in your 2015 court battle.

Despite shedding custody to Dakota, Michelle has actually spent time with her since at O’Donnell’s permission.

The comedian called for increased mental health and wellness awareness ~ above Friday after speak in a statement that she to be ‘saddened’ through the news the Michelle’s death. 

The woman’s family members will host a personal funeral service in her house state of new York in the comes weeks.

In her obituary, they defined Michelle together ‘an laborious woman who had actually the journey and an inspiration to far better herself and others.’ 

‘She to be a really loving, giving and caring individual that would help anyone in their time the need.

‘Michelle will be mental for her beautiful smile and also beautiful lengthy flowing red hair; she signature some would say. 

‘The love she had actually for her family and friends to be unconditional. Not to be fooled by her appearance; Michelle to be a high-class “tom boy” who was a spicy shooter, delighted in boxing, golfing and also the good outdoors,’ it continued. 

Rounds’ brand-new life through Monteleone had never to be reported of prior to O’Donnell revealed that on Friday 

As she reeled from her ex’s death, O’Donnell confronted vile insurance claims from Twitter trolls that accused her of bring about her death by not permitting her to watch their shared daughter that she has actually custody of 

Happy days: Rounds to be the adoptive mom of O’Donnell’s youngest daughter Dakota, 4, however lost custody that the girl in 2015 (Rounds and O’Donnell over with Dakota in January 2014) 

Contrary come the cases of trolls who harassed O’Donnell top top Friday, rounds was allowed to check out Dakota before her death and had invested time v her end the past year (shown above) 

O’Donnell supported for boosted mental health and wellness awareness on Friday in the wake up of Rounds’ fatality

The household asked for memorial donations to it is in made in her surname to The Desmoid Tumor Research foundation in brand-new York. 

She fought desmoid tumors prior to she and also O’Donnell embraced their daughter Dakota in 2013. 

TMZ announced the woman’s suicide on Friday afternoon. 

She and also O’Donnell began dating in 2011 and were married in June of the complying with year before splitting in 2014 and divorcing 2 years later.

It was simply a couple of months after ~ their personal ceremony ago in 2012 that the couple adopted your daughter Dakota, that is now 4 and also lives through O’Donnell. 

Rounds formerly attempted self-destruction in September that 2015, with a friend having security in ~ the hotel she ex was staying at kick under the door to avoid her from taking her very own life.

‘I am saddened to hear around this terrible tragedy. Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families. Mine thoughts and also prayers go the end to Michelle’s family, her wife Krista and also their child,’ stated O’Donnell in a statement.

Tragedy: Michelle rounds was uncovered dead inside her house after committing suicide on Monday at the age of 46 (Rounds and also O’Donnell over in 2014)

Tribute: O’Donnell additionally posted a illustration done through the couple’s daughter Dakota on Friday in i m sorry the girl wrote around how much she loved her mother

O’Donnell additionally posted a drawing done by the couple’s daughter Dakota on Friday in i beg your pardon the girl wrote around how much she loved she mother.

ROSIE O’DONNELL’S declare ON EX’S self-destruction

‘I am saddened come hear around this damaging tragedy. 

‘Mental illness is a very serious concern affecting many families. 

‘My thoughts and prayers go the end to Michelle’s family, her mam Krista and their child.’

It is unclear if the was a referral to O’Donnell or Rounds. 

A source revealed come that Rounds’ 2015 self-destruction attempt developed shortly after ~ she shed custody the the couple’s daughter Dakota.

The incident likewise came simply one main after exit exclusive photos of O’Donnell and also her then-girlfriend Tatum O’Neal enjoying a romantic getaway at the tv host’s West Palm beach mansion.

The photos verified the lovebirds laying through the pool and also enjoying some time top top the water in O’Donnell’s boat while relaxing at the newly purchased $4.975million mansion.

O’Donnell and O’Neal were both in need of downtime together they recovered from wellness scares at that time, with O’Donnell having a minor love procedure in brand-new York at the beginning of the month and also Tatum going under the knife because that a second operation on she knee in Los Angeles.

A resource revealed to the Rounds’ 2015 self-destruction attempt arisen shortly ~ she shed custody of the couple’s daughter Dakota

‘Now I’m clean and aware and alive and also interested in the world, saying: “Dating ladies is exciting to me, and this is transforming me on,” Tatum told Harper’s Bazaar in ~ the time.

‘I date in the heterosexual civilization up until about four year ago, when I started thinking around dating females — just thinking around it.’

The pair’s not-so-secret relationship showed to it is in too lot for O’Donnell’s estranged mam however, according to sources.

It was about that time as soon as Rounds locked it s her in her hotel room and also ‘took part pills and also drank wine’ according to an insider with expertise of the situation.

O’Donnell go her best to help Rounds after ~ the occurrence according to another source, and also even let her check out their child in spite of being granted full custody.

‘She’s bending end backwards and won’t shot to prevent Rounds from see Dakota,’ claimed the source.

The resource also said that Rounds’ behavior had been erratic around that time, including that she wanted O’Donnell back and was jealous of her brand-new relationship v O’Neal.

‘Basically, Michelle is deeply in love through Rosie and wants her back. She really hopes it have the right to still happen,’ claimed the source.

‘It hasn’t been straightforward time because that Michelle through Rosie stepping out through her brand-new girlfriend and also losing custody that Dakota to her.’

Caffinated in love: The pair’s whirlwind romance began in the summer that 2011, once Rosie approached the that company headhunter in a Starbucks since she assumed Rounds’ puppy to be cute

The pair’s whirlwind romance started in the summer the 2011, when Rosie approached the that company headhunter in a Starbucks because she thought Rounds’ puppy to be cute. 

Rounds and O’Donnell were engaged by December of that year and married in June 2012 in a private ceremony after rounds tried to obtain pregnant and also Rosie endured a love attack.

In January 2013 lock announced lock had embraced a baby girl complying with Rounds’ fight with desmoid tumors.

Who would save custody that Dakota was the central issue during their divorce proceedings.

Rounds had requested sole custody initially, claiming she was a more attentive parent.

Tough time: Rounds formerly attempted come commit self-destruction in 2015 through pills and wine, yet was saved when a friend had actually security kick down the door to her hotel room (l come r: Blake, Vivienne, O’Donnell, Rounds, Chelsea and also a friend at a Broadway display in 2014)

She also argued that O’Donnell have to be topic to drug tests due to the fact that of her too much drinking and marijuana usage.

Rounds maintained through it all the she was not looking to profit by dragging the end the proceedings, claiming the she had plenty of money thanks to her own career success.

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O’Donnell likewise has 4 older children: sons Blake and Parker and daughters Chelsea and also Vivienne.

Chelsea, who other adopted mother is O’Donnell’s former wife Kelli Carpenter, ran far from residence at 17 to move in with an heroin addict and also his family. 

She to be returned residence by police after ~ O’Donnell revealed the the girl had left home, however once she rotate 18 she decided to relocate out again and also go live v her bear mother.

Chelsea, 19, is now married and living in long Island with her husband. 

Vivienne is Carpenter’s organic child that was conceived with a donor during her marriage to O’Donnell. 

To speak to a skilled, trained counselor, call the nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline ~ above 1 800 273 8255