Does Miley Cyrus ever stop making headlines? while drama rages top top over her homeless VMA guest, V Magazine have now released brand-new pictures of she forthcoming naked shoot.

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Miley deserve to be checked out on the covering posing in a furry blue cut-out leotard by Fendi, along with a mountain of cuddly toys, spring absolutely stunning. The EYES.

Also, the shark ~ above the left looks choose he is having actually a great time. Either that, or the is going in because that a nibble. Perhaps he has mistaken Miley for a stuffed lady shark by mistake. Sad.

But there to be MORE. Miley posted one more even much more raunchy shoot on her Instagram, mirroring her fully naked.

At least she\"s still acquired the comfy bed that cuddly playthings to lied on, though. Handy.

World-renowned fashion photographer and also Chanel designer karl Lagerfeld shoot the images, which function as component of the mag\"s Rebel issue (pretty apt, really) and also we are afraid the world may explode when those smiley faces are removed.

Or possibly those space her really nipples. It yes, really wouldn\"t surprised us.

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