Because hill View has a higher minimum wage rate than the one collection by California or the commonwealth government, the greater local minimum wage price takes precedence and must be payment to all employees covered by the neighborhood minimum wage regulation.

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Keep in mind the California and also the commonwealth Fair Labor requirements Act both specify various minimum wage exemptions and also other labor laws that may use to employee in mountain View. You have the right to find more information about California's minimum wage and also labor laws on this site.

Other neighborhood Minimum Wage rates in California

In enhancement to mountain View, there are other localities in California that have actually passed municipal minimum wage legislation. The adhering to is a table of other California localities with created minimum wage laws.

Locality uses To Minimum fairy Comparison come State
San Francisco $16.07 +$3.07
Alameda All employees $15.00 +$2.00
Belmont All employees $15.90 +$2.90
Berkeley All employees $16.07 +$3.07
Cupertino All employees $15.65 +$2.65
daily City All employees $15.00 +$2.00
El Cerrito All employees $15.61 +$2.61
Emeryville All employees $16.84 +$3.84
Freemont 1-25 employees $13.50 +$0.50
26 or an ext employees $15.00 +$2.00
half Moon bay All employees $15.00 +$2.00
lengthy Beach Hotel Workers $14.97 +$1.97
Los Altos All employees $15.65 +$2.65
Los Angeles Employers v 25 or under Employees or Non-Profit Corporations v 26 or an ext Employees with approval to salary a deferred rate $14.25 +$1.25
Employers with 26 or more Employees $15.00 +$2.00
Hotel Workers $16.63 +$3.63
Los Angeles -unincorporated ar Employers through 25 or fewer Employees $13.25 +$0.25
Employers with 26 or more Employees $14.25 +$1.25
Malibu 25 or fewer employees $14.25 +$1.25
26 or an ext employees $15.00 +$2.00
Menlo Park All employees $15.25 +$2.25
Milpitas All employees $15.40 +$2.40
Novato 1-25 employees $14.00 +$1.00
100 + employees $15.24 +$2.24
26-99 employees $15.00 +$2.00
Oakland All employees $14.36 +$1.36
Hotel Workers v benefits $15.00 +$2.00
Hotel employees without benefits $20.00 +$7.00
Palo Alto All employees $15.65 +$2.65
Pasadena 25 or under employees $14.25 +$1.25
26 or much more employees $15.00 +$2.00
Redwood City All employees $15.38 +$2.38
Richmond With benefits $13.50 +$0.50
Without benefits $15.00 +$2.00
san Diego All employees $14.00 +$1.00
san Francisco $16.07 +$3.07
san Jose All employees $15.45 +$2.45
mountain Leandro All employees $15.00 +$2.00
san Mateo All employees $15.62 +$2.62
Santa Clara All employees $15.65 +$2.65
Santa Monica 25 or less employees $14.25 +$1.25
26 or much more employees $15.00 +$2.00
Santa Rosa 25 or less employees $14.00 +$1.00
26 or more employees $15.00 +$2.00
Sonoma Large employers $15.00 +$2.00
small employers $14.00 +$1.00
south San Francisco $15.00 +$2.00
Sunnyvale All employees $16.30 +$3.30


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