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The Mob Wives star died last week at period 55 after ~ a long fight with phase 4 lung and mind cancer, and in the first episode of the docu-soap collection that aired because her death, the late truth star gained emotional on the work of she surgery.

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WATCH: Stars react to big Ang"s Death

In the heartbreaking episode, title "Cuts Both Ways," that aired on Wednesday, huge Ang showed up teary-eyed in her Staten Island, brand-new York, home prior to heading to a procedure come remove component of her lung.

"Everything"s running through my head," she explained. "All I save thinking around right currently is my grandchildren, my kids. To be I ever going to watch them again? i am the glue that holds this family members together. There is no me this family members would fall apart."

Big Ang -- who is made it through by she estranged husband, Neil Murphy, two children, A.J. And Raquel Donofrio, and also six grandchildren -- also revealed that she still had a lot of she wanted to accomplish.

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"You know, I"ve excellent a many in my life. I had a full life," she continued, breaking down in tears. "But I"m no done here. I gotta it is in around, "cause I desire to check out my grandchildren."

As ET formerly reported, the beloved fact star to be laid to remainder on Monday in ~ the Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island.

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"Everyone was trying their ideal to be strong but it was a very, an extremely sad day," a source told ET the the funeral.

WATCH: huge Ang Laid to Rest complying with Funeral Service

Big Ang officially Laid come Rest, 'Mob Wives' Stars carried Out her Casket

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