See Mama June’s transformation before the premiere of ‘Mama June: road To Redemption.’

In the years the audiences have actually watched Mama June Shannon, she has gone through a total transformation. Indigenous her early on appearances onToddlers & Tiaras with her daughterAlana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, come her recent stint ~ above the seriesFamily Crisis, and also upcoming collection Road come Redemption, Mama June has actually been through so much. Today, we’re taking a look ago at Mama June’s transformation and journey.

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Mama June then & Now

Mama June in 2012 (left) and Mama June in 2018 (right) Mama June’s (born June Shannon) foray into the spotlight to be a significant adjustment because that the mother-of-four. Paparazzi often recorded Mama June out and also about, just like in the picture above. Yet pretty soon, she was ready to shot something fully new and also began to put much more of a emphasis on she physical health and also wellbeing.

After her and her daughter’s collection Here comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June came to be the star that Mama June: From not to Hot. The show chronicled the truth star’s total lifestyle evolution, and also Mama June fully transformed into a complete knockout. V the devices to take care of herself and make herself feeling absolutely beautiful, Mama June to be wholly all set to embrace a brand-new chapter of she life.

Of course, points did take it a major turn as soon as Mama June got associated with boyfriend Geno Doak. In in march 2019, June and also Geno to be arrested for possession of drugs, consisting of drug paraphernalia. June usually disappeared from her daughters’ lives. Fortunately, it seems favor things space finally starting to turn around for the star. In December 2020, June revealed the she to be celebrating 11 months clean from medicine use.

The June household So Far

Mama June through her household .June is the matriarch of her family. She is the mommy of four daughters, including Anna Marie “Chickadee” Cardwell, 26, Jessica Louise “Chubbs” Shannon, 24, Lauryn Michelle “Pumpkin” Efird, 21, and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 15. June likewise has 3 siblings: Joanne “Doe Doe” Shannon,Joannie Shannon, andJames Edward Shannon, all of whom have actually been featured in the various reality tv shows. Due to the fact that rising to fame and also navigating a string of complicated circumstances, June’s relationships v her family members have actually been strained.

During a February 22 preview forRoad come Redemption, the pain the her household experienced was evident. “You don’t understand how plenty of nights I’ve cried myself come sleep,” Alana stated through tears. But June has been identified to prove that she is committed to staying healthy and being over there for her family. “I’ve obtained to repetitively showPumpkin the I’ve changed,” June said.

Circumstances have, though, been difficult on June’s family. “These last couple of years have actually been hell on our crazy family,” daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon shared. “I don’t even know who my mommy is anymore,” she confessed. But as the trailer continued to go on, it to be clear the there were deliberate actions taken to obtain June earlier on track. “She simply wants united state all to go earlier to the means things offered to be,” Pumpkin go on. However, Pumpkin go share a final, ominous warning. “But, after destroying our family, us don’t know if we want her in our lives,” she said. Just time will tell just how June and also her family rectify your strained relationships.

Complete Timeline

Mama June poses in prior of a huge Christmas tree in ~ a Florida resort after completing a exceptional turn around of her life in 2020, photographed top top December 21, 2020 .Toddlers & Tiaras: Mama June climbed to reputation on the TLC seriesToddlers & Tiaras. ~ above the show, Mama June was always near through to support her youngest daughter, Alana, together she contended in assorted pageant shows. June appeared in more than 35 episodes of the TLC reality series between 2012 and also 2013. But while on the show, her family members struck a chord v viewers, and it wasn’t long after they showed up on the truth TV series that they were readily available their very own show.

Here comes Honey Boo Boo: after ~ their incredible success onToddlers & Tiaras, Mama June and her family members were the stars of the TLC spinoff seriesHere comes Honey Boo Boo. The display chronicled a job in the life the the Shannon family, consisting of Alana’s mom and also sisters. The collection lasted from 2012 till 2014, with June appearing in an ext than 25 episodes of the short-lived show.

Talk display appearances: transparent the at an early stage years that Mama June’s climb to fame, she showed up on a variety of talk shows. The TV star to be the guest ~ above shows choose Dr. Phil,The Doctors,Family Feud,Good Morning America,The Wendy Williams Show and many more. However by the mid-2010s, problems started to arise for Mama June. Fortunately, she got a totally new lease top top life v the next display she would certainly star in.

Mama June: From no to Hot: In 2017, Mama June ended up being the star of the TV series,From no to Hot. The present chronicled her full physical transformation, together she acquired in shape through her weight loss journey, got a whole brand-new wardrobe, and also had she hair and makeup done in front of cameras. Yet the collection quickly took a turn once Mama June and Geno acquired involved.

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Mama June: Family Crisis:In 2020, Mama June’s life was totally changed when she began dating her boyfriend, Geno. The reality TV present featured her family’s reaction to her March 2019 arrest, and Alana auditioning because that a fashion show and more. Also worse, The household had come go trying to find June as news continued to circulate about her extenuating circumstances. After losing her prior teeth, and a insignificant in rehab, pan will watch whether Mama June is maintaining her health.