We sell a huge variety of items! From gold jewelry and also watches to video clip games and electronics, we’ve acquired you covered! because that a finish list visit our shop page.

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Receive a cash market on the spot and skip the problem of selling your article on her own. Interested in the value of her item? Visit our market page.

Short top top cash but don’t want to market your item? Learn more about our buyback layaway program. Acquire money now and buy her item ago within 30 days.

We market jewelry, watch and musical instrument repair services. Ours jeweler is on-site and also can repair, size, or refurb your gold jewelry. Learn an ext on our repair page.

Featured Items

These room items obtainable right now in our stores! This inventory is kept up come date and also is gotten rid of as quickly as that is sold. View much more featured item here!






14K increased Gold & Diamond Ring

Features a .98ct Solitaire Diamond.

Available in ~ our Erie Blvd place for $2,200.

The Pawn pro Experience

Pawn pro is striving to change the stigma neighboring Pawn Shops. Our stores have actually a relaxed environment for you to shop, profession or sell. Stop into one of our 3 locations and also experience the Pawn agree difference.

Store History

Pawn agree was started by 2 brothers, Brian and Paul, from central New York. Lock both had extensive experience in the industry and wanted to readjust the image people had of words “Pawn Shop”. They started with thegoal of creating an upscale shop with exceptional customer service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Since opened their first shop in 2012, the brothers have actually exceeded their expectations. Pawn Pro is just one of the highest rated shops in America, through over 250 hopeful online reviews. V two an excellent locations, in Syracuse & Oneida, Pawn Pro has grown to be a convenient and trustworthy store to market to and shop with.

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Pawn Pro functions as a team and also each member of our team has committed knowledge to help you! Pawn Pro uses layaway, clock repair, computer/electronic repair, buy-back layaway and appraisal services. With our Seal that Approval, high expectations and also attention come detail, our standards space unmatched.