Mono addition of HBr to unsymmetrical dienes primarily producesfour assets ? two 1,2-addition commodities and two 1,4-additioncommodities. Draw the reactant diene that creates the adhering to fourassets, and determine the enhancement path that develops eachproduct.

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The provided reactivity requires the addition of hydrogen bromide to unsymmetrical dienes. The hydrogen halides undergo electrophilic addition reactivity through hydrogen halides through 1,2 and 1,4 mechanisms.

In dienes, the double bonds are existing alternatively that is a twin bond adhered to by a solitary bond and then following double bond. The high retask of dienes is because of the visibility of the πpiπ bonds present.


The adhering to measures are involved in the addition reaction:

• Firstly, the formation of carbocation takes location using the enhancement of electrophile to the double bond. The carbocation created is resonance stabilized, being an allylic carbocation.

• The next action involves the assault of the nucleophile on carbocation to give two various addition assets by means of 1,2 and 1,4 addition respectively.


The allyl halide commodities are developed using complying with enhancement as displayed below:


The removal of HBr as shown below provides the structure of compelled diene:




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