Moto X Pure version vs Moto X layout vs Moto X Play: what room the major differences, and also which one is created you?

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For Moto X 3rd Gen (or Moto X 2015), Motorola announced 3 models: Moto X Pure edition, Moto X Style and Moto X Play, rather of simply one model together Moto X and Moto X 2nd Gen (Moto X 2014).

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Some Moto X owners and also potential Moto X buyers are confused about which Moto X is for them.

This article will shot to describe to girlfriend the significant differences of this 3 models the Moto X 3rd Gen (Moto X 2015) to aid you make a far better decision.

For user manuals that Moto X Pure edition, Moto X Style and also Moto X Play, please inspect this page.

Moto X Pure edition vs Moto X Style: pair brothers heading to different regions

The many confusing two assets are Moto X Pure edition and Moto X Style.

The hardware specs for Moto X Pure edition and also Moto X layout are virtually identical.

The differences in between Moto X Pure edition and also Moto X style include: software and availability.


Both Moto X Pure edition and also Moto X layout will come through Android Lollipop 5.1.

Moto X Pure edition will certainly be a pure Motorola phone call without any type of bloatware or customization native carriers.

This also implies Moto X Pure edition will work on all carriers, and most other regions as soon as you take trip abroad as well.

Moto X Style, however, will certainly be tailored for different regions and also carriers. Some LTE bands and also some features may it is in disabled in part regions, and also therefore Moto X layout may not job-related well (mainly 4G and also a couple of carrier details features) in various other regions.

Please note, “pure edition” does NOT mean Moto X Pure edition is running stock Android like Nexus phone. “Pure edition” simply way pure Motorola software, and there is no carrier customization. That course, Motorola software application is an extremely close to stock Android. There are a few Moto apps pre-installed, because that example, Motorola Assist, Motorola Alert, Motorola camera, and also Motorola Gallery.

If you are at this time an owner that Moto X or Moto X second Gen, you will certainly get comparable Moto experience.


Officially, Moto X Pure version is available only in US with Moto Maker, Amazon, ideal Buy and also a few other retailers. Friend can think about Moto X Pure version as us edition that Moto X 2015.

Moto X Style, top top the various other hand, will available in the civilization except USA. So, sometimes, it is pointed out as “international edition” of Moto X third Gen (Moto X 2015).

If you live in a region where Motorola walk not market Moto X, it is better to get Moto X Pure edition, rather of Moto X Style. Moto X Pure edition works on almost all networks. The course, you will certainly not gain local guarantee for her Moto X if girlfriend buy Moto X from other regions. Motorola does not offer global warranty.

In short, Moto X Pure edition is only obtainable in USA, and also Moto X layout is available elsewhere.

Moto X Pure version vs Moto X Play: you get much more than what you pay for!

Moto X Pure execution (and Moto X Style) starts in ~ an remarkable price the $399. This is the finest value-for-money flagship smartphone in 2015. Period.

To do Moto X an ext accessible (affordable), Motorola filling the gap in between Moto X Pure edition and also Moto G 3rd Gen (Moto G 2015) v Moto X Play.

Although Moto X play sits between Moto X Pure edition and Moto G 2015, Moto X beat is a strip-down variation of Moto X Pure edition, rather of upgraded variation of Moto G 2015.

The major differences between Moto X Pure edition and Moto X play include:

Video recording. Moto X beat only can only record video clip up to 1080p at 30 fps. Moto X Pure edition and also Moto X format support 2160p at 30fps and 1080p in ~ 60fps (smooth motion).Battery. Moto X Play has a larger battery. The 3630mAh volume is around 20% an ext than the in Moto X Pure edition and Moto X style. You can expect substantially longer battery life time ~ above Moto X Play.Dual center model. Just Moto X play have double SIM models in part regions.

Which Moto X 2105 is because that you: Moto X Pure edition, Moto X format or Moto X Play?

Technically, you have actually only two choices since the availability of Moto Pure edition and Moto X style are support exclusive.

Here space my suggestions:

If your budget is about $300, Moto X Play offers you the ideal value for a smartphone in this price range.If you need longer battery life, Moto X beat is a far better choice 보다 Moto X style or Moto X Pure edition. The 3630mAh battery have the right to last around 2 job for most users.Not every IPS panels are produced equal. Moto X Play display is no as good as the of Moto X Pure edition or Moto X Style. The brightness and color accuracy room not equivalent to the display screen in Moto X Pure execution or Moto X Style. For regular day-to-day usage, most users will certainly not an alert it. This is just a reminder if you have actually “professional” eyes.If you need record smooth activity videos (60fps) or 4K videos, friend should acquire Moto X Pure version or Moto X Style. Moto X beat cannot record videos in ~ 60fps because of CPU limitation. Moto X beat can play smooth movement videos. The limitation pointed out is because that recording.If you desire to use two SIMs top top the phone. Moto X play is the just option. You re welcome note, Moto X Play double SIM model might be not easily accessible in part regions. Moto X Pure edition and also Moto X format do not have dual SIM models.

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Do you understand which Moto X is because that you: Moto X Pure edition, Moto X format or Moto X Play?

Please share your thoughts or inquiries on Moto X third Gen: Moto X Pure edition, Moto X Style and Moto X pat in the comment box below.