If your preferred fishing feet are big rivers and also lakes, it’s a trolling motor that you need, yet finding the best one deserve to be much easier said than done. This particular day we are below to assist you find a great trolling motor, and right currently we desire to review a specific one, the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor. Note: most web links in this post are Amazon.com Affiliate links, see Affiliate Disclosure, say thanks to you.

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Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor: Review

The Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor, is a mid-high-end trolling motor v a heck of a most features, all for a center price.

Who is ThisProduct For?

The Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine is designed for the serious fisherman ~ above a budget. Yes, this trolling motor come in different sizes and also thrust options, therefore it’s a great choice to go v if you require a bit of variety. Moreover, this is a reasonably durable and powerful trolling motor through decent battery life, for this reason it’s a an excellent option if you plan on safety a the majority of time the end on the water, you require something that have the right to fight some pretty strong currents, every without killing the battery as well quickly. Moreover, if friend need good navigation features and also fish-finding sonar, all for a reasonable price, climate the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine is certainly an alternative to investigate further.


What’s nice about the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine is that it comes through a entirety lot the goodies and extras. For one, you can choose in between sizes, thrust, and power options, therefore there’s the to store in mind. The Motorguide xi5 Trolling Motor also includes a good GPS feature, that comes v awesome digital technology to aid maximize battery life.The GPS enables forother features such together course setting, anchor mode, and also more. There space a fewother things included here, such as the mounting hardware. Let’s relocate on andtalk about the key features.Click below to view the Freshwater Motorguide Xi5 top top Amazon.comClick right here to view the Saltwater Motorguide Xi5 ~ above Amazon.com


Overview of Features

The Motorguide xi5Trolling Motor has actually quite a couple of features that space worth talking about, for this reason let’sdo that right now. That a high-quality version that actually doesn’t price allthat lot considering what it deserve to do.

Power, Thrust,and Size

One point to note about the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine is the it come in a selection of sizes and thrust options. First off, you can choose in between a 12 volt, 24 volt, and 36 volt motor. We appreciate that we have the right to choose in between these various voltage levels.Each voltage directlyrelates to thrust; there is a 55-pound, 80-pound, and also 105-pound thrust motor. Choosingthe thrust of a motor typically comes under to size and loaded weight of yourboat, however it can come down to matching the present voltage of your boatstrolling motor system.There are also five different shaft length choices to choose from, ranging from 45 come 72 inches, so you can pick the one that works ideal for your size of the boat and also the depth the water you will certainly be fishing in.Now, what we deserve to say right here is that the peak thrust and also power variations of the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor space indeed really strong, and also they are much more than able come fight against solid currents and winds, so you can gain to your destination without having to fight too hard. If you space fishing in reasonably strong currents, we would recommend the 36 volt 105-pound thrust model.Click right here to review our write-up on Sizing your Trolling Motor

Durability – theComposite Shaft and also Housed Components

Another thing that have the right to be said about the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling motor is that it is a an extremely durable option to keep in mind. Whatever on this engine is made with very high-quality components that must last for plenty of years. This is especially true of the shaft, which is made with composite products that deserve to take a major beating.This thing deserve to fightstrong currents, and even bang into some obstacles, and also it need to not warp,crack, or break. For the center price i beg your pardon the Motorguide xi5 Trolling Motorcomes at, it certain does have a an extremely high level the durability. Moreover, every electronicand other important components are housed in a marine-grade composite housingto store out moisture and dust, thus including another layer of protection for thistrolling motor.

A Low-ProfileMount

The next element of the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine worth mentioning is the it comes with a very low-profile mount. In various other words, while the is a fairly decent sized motor, it functions a short profile mount which help to alleviate bulkiness and keep it out of the way, every without sacrificing power, speed, or stability.


Alright, therefore this is anelectric trolling motor, which method that you have to worry around its batterylife. However, what deserve to be said about the Motorguide xi5 Trolling motor is thatit has actually some pretty superior power and also longevity given that it’s notnearly the many expensive trolling motor the end there.When utilizing 105 amp hour batteries, the trolling batteries can quickly last a couple of days prior to they should be recharged, i beg your pardon is no tiny feat to accomplish. Moreover, the Motorguide xi5 Trolling motor comes through special digital modern technology that rises battery efficiency by as much as 50%, for this reason substantially boosting the battery life. The digital display screen is also useful in this sense because you can keep monitor of precisely how lot battery strength the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor has actually left prior to it demands to be recharged.

The Display,GPS, and also Steering

In regards to steering and navigating, the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor definitely has you covered. For one, that comes with an advanced bearing system linked with a safety housing and rigid tower support to aid increase motor efficiency and assist to rise motor performance, particularly when hefty steering is required.Moreover, the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor additionally uses a variable speed device that permits you to easily regulate the rate of the trolling motor, i m sorry is something the helps make steering easier, plus the helps preserve battery life. To assist make life a tiny easier, the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor also comes through a wireless foot pedal, i m sorry you deserve to use to manage the bulk of the motor’s functions.In regards to the display, the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling engine does not encompass a display however rather connects to a list of compatible fishfinder/chart plotters through a NEMA 2000 unit. Lowrance offers a huge number of compatible units. For the advanced sonar features, friend will require a motor mounting transducer. The Xi5 does have actually a good LED light display that indicates power on and battery life.Using this GPS, youcan anchor your boat in position, track-specific courses, and lock in a headingand speed. That’s right — you can lock in a heading and speed, and also let thisthing execute the occupational for friend — the comes v an autopilot and cruise manage feature.

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The Motorguide Xi5 Trolling motor comes v a standard sonar transducer built-in, which have the right to be linked to her compatible fishfinder/chart plotters. With the suitable NEMA 2000 connector cable, the transducer is compatible with many units.Now, the transducer is quite decent, and also it go fine as soon as it pertains to down imaging, however it go not do side imaging; however, it’s tho a pretty progressed system and better than no having any kind of sonar at all.


There is a little bit of understanding that you will need to acquire under her belt to appropriately use the Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor, yet it’s open minded not rather that difficult. Over there is a lot of to walk over here, much more than we have time come discuss, yet what we have the right to say is that you will want to read the owner’s manual(link here to pdf). You need to familiarize yourself through the mounting and also deployment, the GPS, and the sonar.For an ext in-depth details in state of how to gain the many out of her Motorguide Xi5 Trolling Motor, take a look at the videos which us have contained below.