Mustard? Check. Extract…oof, check. Stunner shirt? Check. Stunner Jerry? Check.

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Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas

While carrying sauce to tropical Jim’s last month we uncovered this throwback and also had to acquire a bottle of crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas. I very first remember do the efforts this warm sauce together a young lad in young Scouts on camping trips as soon as we would try to outdo each various other with who can handle the greatest heat, however young Ron Fartley might never have actually imagined eat a full spoonful of this yellow-brown mustard sauce.

Loaded up with extract, this sauce access time you hard and fast, leaving a mustard taste on the tongue, however giving means to an extreme chemical-based warm from the oleoresin capsicum.

Definitely evaluate the mustard notes, however oof, this sauce is unstable heat-wise. Not as powerful as Da Bomb beyond Insanity, but not pleasant from a heat perspective and immediately starts come sit in the top of your gut.

Ingredients: Mustard, distilled vinegar, water, oleoresin capsicum, dried mustard, garlic powder, onion powder

Crazy Jerry’s warm Sauce Lineup

Fun fact, crazy Jerry sold off almost all of his sauce recipes come his distributor in 2018, therefore he’s down to two main products. The distributor is still producing Mustard Gas, mind Damage, and also other sauces and also salsas, however for stunner Jerry himself, that still sells his Cheap brand Seafood & a totality Lot much more Hot Sauce, which is the initial recipe, for $10.50 top top his site.

From crazy Jerry: “This Sauce is mine baby, i made that in 1976 in mine hometown Pensacola, Florida for slurpin’ oysters. End the year we’ve uncovered a lot much more uses for it… consisting of putting it in Gumbo! There’s no phony baloney ingredient in this one, even the lemon juice is 100% juice, it’s not reconstituted (and it’s sure as heck no that stuff they put in furniture polish).”

About crazy Jerry’s

Another Georgia warm sauce creator, crazy Jerry whipped up his very first batch of hot sauce in 1988 for a friend’s oyster bar, making him one of the longest-running small-batch hot sauce devices in the game. This particular day he’s obtained one sauce and also one Gumbo Mix, however is still going strong. Previously Crazy Jerry had 35 products, however sold many to his distributor in 2018, consisting of Mustard Gas.

As legend goes, the very very first bottles of sauce made by crazy Jerry were stolen off of the table in ~ his friend’s oyster bar. As were the 2nd batch, which climate led stunner Jerry to try and market his sauces.

While stationed in Vietnam, crazy Jerry gained his idea for warm sauce after eating some dreadful lima bean in his rations. He created his idea under in a noteback and would later find that notebook and also make his idea a reality.

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Focusing currently on the 2 products, stunner Jerry and also Betty Boop reside in Woodstock, Georgia.

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