Inspired through the hit tv show, the new My little Pony Guardians of Harmony toys space perfect for little ones with huge imaginations. Through magic and also friendship in mind, this group of pony pals aim to battle evil and restore harmony by working very closely together.

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Spike the Dragon is now accessible to take house as one interactive, roaring figurine! from the hit display My tiny Pony Guardians the Harmony, Spike has realistic light up eyes just like the initial character. He likewise has part cool sound effects, 3 fireball projectiles and armor accessories!


Inspired by the My tiny Pony Friendship is Magic television series, this adorable Pinkie Pie figure has 8 points of coupling making she super straightforward to move into different poses. She comes v a party cannon, that have the right to launch rubber chickens, and 4 other accessories.


Shadowbolts is just one of the coolest ponies indigenous My tiny Pony Guardians the Harmony. This vibrant purple number has 8 point out of coupling making him completely posable, and also goggles and also a lightning bolt sword accessory. Likewise includes cheeky Cockatrice! and a funny badge for children.


Featuring the above Discord, this super cool sculpture measures at 11 inches tall and is true come the original character native My little Pony Guardians the Harmony. Presented in restricted edition packaging, this item is highly collectable and also perfect for shelf display. Contains a throne accessory.


Inspired through My little Pony Guardians that Harmony, this Spitfire and Soarin’ figures are bound to delight your little one. Each figure can attach to the light-up wing-pack because that soaring fun! consists of articulated v removable goggles, and also flappable wings at the click the a button.Batteries space required.


Let the fight commence! collect Queen Chrysalis and Spike the Dragon in this fun and also exciting My little Pony Guardians that Harmony set! Queen Chrysalis number can start lethal discs from her horn and has ten clues of articulation! There are eight accessories included.


Cheese Sandwich is an adorable pony indigenous My small Pony Guardians that Harmony. Currently you deserve to collect her together a figurine! She has actually a removable helmet and comes with 5 accessories, consisting of a cool tank the launches pelicans and chickens! Hilarious fun for any type of fan.


Collect these two gorgeous and well crafted figures of princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon indigenous My small Pony, Guardians the Harmony. Contains authentic and also amazing detail and both stand at about 7 inch tall, perfect for displaying proudly on a shelf.

Prices Vary

Princess Luna is waiting to it is in taken home and also played with. With colorful purple coloring and a imperial tiara and also necklace, this stunning number is perfect for play My little Pony Guardians that Harmony with friends. Display screen her proudly, or communicate her with your various other ponies.

Prices Vary

Magical toys are good for imaginative play and also toys that have the right to move and sing songs favor the walk Go smart friends Twinkle the magical Unicorn are also better. Children can enjoy feeding Twinkle and also watch she walk along the floor with the girlfriend the fairy princess Prisma for hours without acquiring bored that her.

FurReal Friends has actually a great idea because that toys. Kids love come play pretend and games the involve role play tend to be a favorite. As a tiny girl, I supplied to love role playing games that associated taking treatment of my infant dolls and my stuffed pets. I more than likely would have actually been end the moon <…>

FurReal friend Torch, mine Blazin’ Dragon is a extremely interactive pet toy through a an extremely cool and an extremely special trick. He have the right to use water to do a fire colored mist best from his mouth! also cooler than that, Torch, mine Blazin’ Dragon interacts in ~ several emotional points and can interact with his had marshmallow accessory.

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It can be tough choosing the right ideal friend because that your tiny one. A doll is the perfect gift for any child, and also encourages learning and social skills through imaginative play. Right here are the optimal 25 dolls the are new to 2016.