Due to the fact that the pandemic started, John Legend has released an album, perdeveloped at the inauguration, starred in the FN Achievement Awards — and now he’s ago as among the coaches on “The Voice.” But the entertainer still discovered time to work through Sperry on his first signature collection of men’s shoes, which will launch this fall.

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Legfinish has actually been a worldwide brand ambassador for Sperry since last year and is featured in its marketing campaigns and social media content. But this marks the first time the 2 are collaborating on a repertoire.

“John has actually amazing style, he’s an excellent partner — and he’s simply so well loved by world roughly the people. We are excited to continue the partnership,” sassist Joelle Grunberg, Sperry Global Brand also president, at the brand’s holiday concert with Legfinish. The event was just a couple of weeks prior to the star opened the FNAAs and also participated in a special segment around the racial justice activity.


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Sean McDowell, Sperry’s VP of product and architecture, sassist the 3 layouts in the forthcoming Sperry x John Legfinish repertoire are based off of existing models that were specially designed to reflect Legend’s style. There will be key-board prints on the footbed, quotes by the musician printed on the inside of the tongue and a hand-stitched JL logo on each item. Tbelow will be a Cupsole, a hybrid loafer/watercraft shoe; a Commodore Legend Tall Boot, and the Authentic Original Legend Boot that functions a 10-eye mid-calf high boot with an upday of the brand’s timeless 360 watercraft shoe lacing.

The arsenal will certainly be obtainable on Sperry.com and also at select retailers in late September and will certainly retail for $120 to $250.

Here, Legend talks around the partnership, his performance at the inauguration and also who is the bigger fashionista: him or his version wife, Chrissy Teigen.

You started working with Sperry last year. How did that partnership come about?

John Legend:I’ve constantly admired the brand also. I’ve always felt it was such a classical brand — really good leisurewear with an excellent heritage. They got to out to me around embarking on a irreversible connection and I curated some collections and also lastly it obtained to the point wright here we’re collaborating on the style.

Is this something you always wanted to carry out or simply as an outcome of the connection through Sperry?

J.L.:I’ve constantly had an interest in fashion — it’s part of my task in some means — yet it’s additionally been somepoint I’ve taken a lot even more interemainder in as I’ve arisen in my career as an artist. There’s just so much interaction with the fashion neighborhood and I have actually so a lot respect for what they carry out. So once Sperry available me the possibility to collaborate and also try to carry our worlds together, I assumed it was a great concept and also an excellent method to build our partnership. They have particular forms they’re well-known for and also we wanted to not completely screw that up yet collaborate in a means that combined the best of Sperry via my very own sensibility. I’m so happy via just how it came out. It was really a collaborative effort to work via their design team and my stylist, Dave Thomas, that has actually been via me considering that 2008 and knows my taste really well.


How are you going to tell your fans about the collection?

J.L.:I’m going to promote it, I’m going to wear it — I wanted to be sure it would certainly be somepoint I would certainly be proud to wear myself and also not simply recommend to others. I’m certain we’ll have actually a solid social media plan around it and we’ll take some photos through it and gain it out there to the audience.

You stated fashion before. You really have actually become known for your fashion feeling — the Alexander McQueen kilt suit you wore for the Grammys went viral. How would you describe your personal style and also perform you have actually any kind of developers that you particularly like?

J.L.:I am wearing a lot of McQueen lately — I love what they perform. I’m wearing Gucci, Rich Fresh, Saint Laurent, a selection of excellent designers and also brands. I love classical shapes and also styles yet through a twist. That McQueen suit for the Grammys was a good example: in many type of means, it was a classical shape, but then that half kilt really made it rock star and gave it a cool twist.

Who’s even more of the fashionista in the house — you or Chrissy?

J.L.:I think we both love fashion. We both view it as a method to express ourselves and also collaborate with really good artists. Expression is really the ideal word because it states, “This is who I desire to existing to the people this particular day.” Fashion is a cool part of our lives and we reap collaborating via good designers and also expressing ourselves through fashion.

WWD: Now that you have actually your own signature shoe line, would you ever think of launching your own apparel collection?

J.L.:I’ve constantly thought about it yet I’ve been so busy doing other things, it hasn’t been the initially priority…yet. Aget, I love collaborating via other artists and I check out fashion as an art create. I don’t case to be an artist in that sense, however I perform have actually my own taste and my very own sensibility and also if the ideal collaboration came along, I would be interested.

You’ve been rather busy in the time of the pandemic, at a time as soon as many other artists have actually struggbrought about remain in the forefront. How have actually you controlled to stay so visible?

J.L.:A few things: one, I’m pretty self-contained as a perprevious so it’s basic for me simply to play the piano and accompany myself and it doesn’t call for many bells and also whistles or points various other artists may need. So it made it easier for me to simply sit dvery own and also perform a livestream or whatever. Early on, we were all simply trying to figure out exactly how to be in the very same room as anyone else, but currently that we’ve obtained quick experimentation and masks and also various protocols, it’s much easier. In the beginning, it was difficult for people to put it all together and I was in the fortunate position to have the ability to entertain civilization.

You were component of the inauguration also. How was that experience?

J.L.:It was such a magical minute. I was so happy to be tright here — that mall, that memorial, that totality location of Washington, D.C., has so a lot background and so many points have actually happened in that room. Most of the performers had to pre-tape bereason of COVID-19, so it was an extremely rare privilege for any of us to be there live to perdevelop at the Lincoln Memorial. I was able to bring my household, we were able to take pictures tbelow, and also then to have that culminate with the initially Black womale, the first Asian-Amerihave the right to woman vice president, inaugurated — she offered a speech right in front of me. I had the ability to sing a song that was made well-known by the good Nina Simone, who is among my favorite artists — I called my daughter Luna Simone after her. So to be able to sing that song in that area was rather a magical minute and also one I’ll never before forobtain.


You’ve championed many social justice initiatives over the years. Why is that essential to you?

J.L.:I take into consideration myself political — not that I desire to run for office or anypoint, but I’m a citizen of this country, I pay taxes, I’m involved in what is going on, I’m involved as a voter. I treatment about what our leaders do in our name, and whenever before I have an opinion, I like to contribute to the conversation by functioning with activists and believed leaders on plan concerns. I’m not shy around contributing my voice to the conversation on what I think would be best for the country.

Lightening it up a little bit: you’re earlier to filming “The Voice.” Are you doing that in person?

J.L.:Yes, we don’t have an in-perboy audience however our coaches and also the singers are all tbelow at the studio. Fortunately for us and also the Hollywood manufacturing area, we’re able to uncover a way via all the best protocols to put on the display, and it’s excellent because so many of my friends are not able to tour right currently, so I feel very fortunate that “The Voice” is still happening and also we get a chance to put on a great show for the people and also likewise obtain all these artists, that audition for our present, to be heard and also to play live as soon as tright here aren’t that many methods these days for that to take place.

You’re going to be functioning via Brandy and going up versus Nick Jonas. Is he the substantial threat this season?

J.L.:He’s the only one of us that hasn’t won, so I feel favor he’s exceptionally hungry, but he’s exceptionally young and we’ll see if he’s got the savvy and the endure he needs to coach someone to victory. He’s certainly angling for this one.

You likewise have actually 2 songs expected to be nominated for Academy Awards. That’s pretty interesting.

J.L.:They’re on the short list, yet the brief list is still pretty lengthy. I’m not counting any type of chickens yet. It’s more than likely not beneficial that 2 of the songs are on the short list bereason they could cancel each other out, yet I’m honored that I gained a opportunity to collaboprice through such good filmmakers that made such excellent films, both of which I was a producer on as well. And I’m honored the academy recognized my songs.

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With whatever on your plate, what is next for you? Are you going to teach the kids to play piano or execute you have actually various other projects?

J.L.:I think one of them could desire to take piano lessons, however I’ll give them time to decide. I’m not going to push it on them, yet I’ve acquired “The Voice,” I’ve been functioning on a brand-new album. I’ve remained in the studio rather a bit functioning on new music, I’m feeling very creative lately. It’s been a while because after I put out “Bigger Love” I didn’t produce a lot new music because last spring, I’ve been busy doing several other things, yet I felt as soon as the new year came about, I was excited to gain in the studio and also create again. I’m loving some of the new songs and also I’m excited for them to obtain out to the human being. We’re going to take our time and also obtain it best, but I’ll keep creating and when it’s prepared, I’ll put some new music out.