You met this 12 survivalists throughout their Naked and also Afraid challenges. Watch their journey as they return one an ext time for 40-Days that Naked and Afraid XL.

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From the master of survival comes the most extreme challenge yet: 40 days, 12 men and also women. This is the ultimate check of human endurance.


When you're spending 40 job in the wild, you will be amazing what one should do in bespeak to uncover protection from the sun. Alana and Dani show us what a dirt bath really means.


After finding self partnered through Luke and Honora, kris becomes came to that Honora was no able to complete her early Naked and also Afraid challenge.
Dani J. Wakes up to an unpleasant surprised after being required to invest her an initial night in Colombia alone.
From survivalists come to a tap out, this week’s Naked and Afraid XL had actually it all! right here are the highlights and also lowlights indigenous the premiere episode.
Chris, Luke, and also Honora inspect a fruit tree the might provide them desperately required food. The team is in ~ odds as soon as they weigh the hazard of climb the remarkable heights vs. The price of food.
Dani set out to find her partners. Meanwhile, Laura and Eva have no idea the they had a 3rd teammate missing. So once they hear a noise in the distance, lock don't intend to find Dani!
The to discover a resource of water leader EJ and also Jeff v a wall of black palm, which has actually piercing needles that deserve to dig into flesh and break under the skin.
Catch increase on this weeks' highlights and also lowlights ~ above Naked and also Afraid XL, including little victories and big blowouts.
Desperate because that protein, EJ and also Jeff walk scouting for bigger video game to include to your vegetable diet. When they stumble ~ above a turtle, castle celebrate in true EJ and also Jeff fashion.
Since Dani J. Feels choose the odd woman out, she walk on little adventures by herself. Rio black teammates Laura and also Eva don't recognize where she princetoneclub.orges, so they have to focus on their very own survival more than taking care of a 3rd teammate.
The team dynamic in ~ El Bosque camp is tense. Shane, that thinks survival must be active, and Alana and also Dani B., that think survival have to be lazy, can't acquire on the very same page about how to handle straightforward survival tasks.
More victories, much more disappointments, one more tap out. This is the recap the this week’s Naked and Afraid XL.
Despite being exceptionally fatigued and also physically weak, Jake was able to capture a fish to offer to new teammates Darrin and Kim, who space starving because that protein.
Catch increase on this weeks' highlights and lowlights on Naked and Afraid XL, including small victories and big blowouts.
In different camps, Alana and also Shane both effort to obtain larger resources of much-needed protein. But when one teammate is successful, the concern of even if it is salvaging a friendship is worth losing protein comes up.
Hunger is the driving force of pain and frustration this main on Naked and Afraid XL. See exactly how the survivalists handled their hunger and also each other.
More victories, an ext disappointments, one much more tap out. This is the recap the this week’s Naked and also Afraid XL.
Drama is high, hunger is strong, and the pain is severe. Take it a look at the official recap of Naked and also Afraid XL main 6 in southern Africa.
The medics discover Matt has contracted a dangerous case of cellulitis in his foot. If left untreated, the bacteria can spread additional into the body tissue, blood stream, lymph nodes, and also create a potentially life threaten situation.
At last, all of the survivalists come with each other at one camp. The women provide a warmth welcome together the groups combine and also build a tribe.
Unable to record fish or hunt for food, Shannon and Fernando think about leaving camp Shanando in find of assist before their power runs out.
In this week's X-Posed, you deserve to re-live the worst 24 hours in Naked and also Afraid XL history. See what take it out 4 survivalists in one day and who is still on the path to making it through 40 Days.
Darrin and Steven leave for a two-day hunt. As two opinionated survivalists v a lot of skills of your own, the team is worried the they won't obtain a kill before fighting.
Dani leads the elite team of females to Chris and Luke's camp. When they're not sure how long they'll stay, they're all set to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with Team Bromance.
With team transformations, separations, celebrations, and also desperation, this week’s Naked and Afraid XL was chock complete of survive survival excitement. Watch the failure of specifically what happened.
Watch the last official recap of the season to uncover out that made it come Day 40, what acquired them through extraction, and what last victories castle shared.

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Shane confides in EJ what has actually been bothering that the many while working v his teammates. As a solution, EJ says a change that would ease the stress for everyone.
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