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THIS REVIEW might CONTAIN SPOILER for THOSE who HAVEN'T finished WATCHING NEEDLESS. YOU have BEEN WARNED =)"And what would your surname be?""Cruz... Cruz Schild""All right, I'll shorten it come Yamada!"For those who currently finished the town hall Needless, you certainly remember this scene. The reason why I brought this up right here is because in this short 2 minutes, 12 episodes Needless Special, a new main character appeared, "her" name is Yamada (sounds familiar?) & think it or not, "she's" in reality Cruz who cross-dressing together a girl *grin*.This one-of-a-kind is take away from among the arc in the manga as the manga walk not finish after Blade's & Arclight's battle as the anime version did. There is an arc in the manga version referred to as "St. Climbed Academy Arc" however compared to the manga version, this unique is much more like "what if" or frequently known together "alternate cosmos version".For those who space wondering, Needless special is nothing prefer Needless. Needless is:60% activity + 20% comedy + 20% ecchi;but Needless distinct is:0% activity + 30 % comedy + 70% ecchiIn this special, Yamada/Cruz gone into St. Lily Academy (in manga the was referred to as St. Rose Academy) in order to investigate a particular case, i beg your pardon is only defined later in the series. Throughout “her” remain here, “she” faces many problems & met some female actors of the initial Needless series like Eve, Disk, Simeon's nice Girl formation (you simply can't fall the 'Pretty" part), etc... There are likewise some male personalities in this special, yet they have no functions at all (well, there is ONE duty they do…)It just take you around 30 minute to complete all 12 episodes so if you have actually extra 30 minutes in you schedule & you like quick school-ecchi-comedy themed anime, you might want to clock this one.