The B1 Blue win is a training aid for golfing that claims to exactly a trouble of yours that you might not even know girlfriend had: flipping. Flipping is a term used for a swing the stems from a wrong influence position, which completely throws her shot off.The B1 was designed as the very first ever golf aid to train you to find out all the facets that a Tour-level affect position possesses. The was created when the B1 team realized that flipping isn't conspicuous — to the swinger, at least.When you flip, you don't feel it yet you absolutely hear it and also see the consequences afterwards, as your golf round doesn't reach the shoot you were hoping for. Hence, that's what B1 intends to change.

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B1 Blue Strike has actually three key parts: the influence bow, the anti-flip compression sole and the affect slider. The impact Bow is a thin and also flexible cable the loops indigenous the top of the shaft to the optimal of the grip. 
 The Anti-Flip Compression sole is a feature that ‘punishes’ you for flipping. Lastly, the affect Slider slides towards the club head as soon as you decision to swing down and lets you know whether the time of your release was perfect or not.

How Does the Work?

Using B1 Blue win Golf boosts the distance of her shots and helps you improve your accuracy. Currently that you know the three key parts of the product, we’re currently going to define how those three parts give you wordless instructions and also trainings for golf.The impact Bow is a removable cable, providing you the choice on whether you want to use it or not. If you keep your left wrist poignant it until you with waist-high in your follow-through and you'll have released the club properly otherwise, you will have flipped it.The Anti-Flip Compression single is one the cannot be cheated. Should your hands lead at impact, that will reason you to strike the sphere with a square clubface and downward blow.The affect Slider then is attached to an O-ring best under B1's grip and slides its means towards the clubhead together you totter down. If her timing is right, the slider will make a sound by hitting the bottom in ~ the minute of impact.If friend release as well early, the slider will sound a little bit too soon. This trains you come perfect her lag, i m sorry is a delayed release action.

Cost and also Price Plans

Usually priced at $139, the B1 BlueStrike Training assist costs $99 appropriate now. Because that the intense and also complete changing of ways it does for you and also your shots, that's an exceptional deal. That said, the shipping fees is a only $9 for united state shipments and $19 for worldwide shipments.An necessary reminder is the the right hand Blue Strikes take a tiny longer to be shipped 보다 left hand Blue Strikes, together they are in high demand.

Customer Service

Online Reviews/Complaints

Unsurprisingly, the reviews on the official website have been nothing yet positive. These customers insurance claim that the B1 Blue strike Trainer was just as Hank Haney had advertised and it has helped them significantly in the few minutes they provided it.However, we have regulated to stumble top top a couple of much an ext reliable reviews and have involved the conclusion that, while the B1 isn't the best training assist out there, it certainly is precious its price.Two the the three main features of the golf club don't work exactly as advertised, but they could still be helpful for some.

Competitors and Alternatives

A couple of training aids to check out besides the B1 Blue Strike are theHANGER, Swingyde and Swingclick. Uneven the B1, lock are simply hanger-like gadgets that are to be attached to your already existing golf club. Moreover, every three space so much cheaper than the B1 Blue Strike.However, they all provide comparable aid and have guarantees of help you boost your swing with perfecting your rhythm, technicality and the consistency of your swing.

Where to Buy?

You may order the B1 Blue Strike online from their website in ~, or through the contact information given above – via phone call or email.


While the B1's advertisements and the advertiser, the esteemed Hank Haney, execute seem really convincing, the much more reliable reviews seem to lean towards a not-so convincing route.We think that it would be better to get a training aid that doesn't shot to deal with the optimal three problem locations of golf in one go. However, you could still give the B1 a go, as it might work out for you.On the various other hand, girlfriend could examine out the options and decide which one tickles your an intricate the most.

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