Last week ns attended a women’s networking occasion co-hosted by Amid the autum-themed food spread and the decorate gourds were two marijuana medicine test crate that had actually been purchased at a dollar store near the college of Washington campus and were being presented quite cheekily considering we were every attending a cannabis market mixer. I want to carry out a small experiment to see exactly how accurate (if in ~ all) these dollar keep gems were, so kindly let me take it both tests residence so i could try them out.

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I to be curious to watch if this “Made in Mexico” test would certainly be accurate and also easy to use. As a medicinal cannabis patient, i knew I must test positive for THC. However, I needed a “control” team so I want take one test myself and use the other test top top somebody who I knew would not have actually THC in his or hersystem (which would negate the possibility of the testdefaulting to “positive” as a gag nevertheless of whether or not the topic is a cannabis consumer).

The typo top top the back of package did not exactly inspire confidence.

Believe that or not, it turns out couple of people will certainly volunteer to pee in a cup, even for “science.”I had actually to hunt a little but eventually I uncovered the perfect candidate. Mine test topic was a new mom who has actually not consumed three in years and was guaranteed to have no THC in her system.

I opened the crate to find it only had one basic little stick. You need to supply your own container to collect the urine like some kind of savage. A dissension won’t also get you a plastic container? Lame. The directions are printed on the within of the box and while the pictures look different than the stick the was supplied,it was easy sufficient to number out just how to use it together directed.

The entire test in every its dollar keep glory.

As expected, my test to be positive, result I hoped for (the irony of acquisition a drug test and also hoping it would certainly be optimistic was not shed on me). My friend’s test to be invalid, making the a an unfavorable result.

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This little test seems to recognize THC in your urine yet may read invalid or inconclusive once there is no THC in the urine. Overall, ns think the At residence Drug check Marijuana (the title really rolls off the tongue)is a complete bargain if you take place to need to recognize this kind of details in 5 minutes, or if you’re boring on a Friday night and aren’t above urinating in a glass for entertainment’s sake.