The drama that "The genuine Housewives of brand-new Jersey" will return v the premiere of season eight top top Oct. 4 at 9 p.m. ~ above Bravo.

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The new season will check out the return of daniel Staub, an original actors member that left ~ season two — and likewise the catalyst because that Teresa Giudice"s well known table-flipping moment in the debut season in 2009.

The trailer because that the upcoming season reflects the housewives attending freshman Margaret Josephs" birthday party, problems surrounding Joe Gorga"s acquisition of a new restaurant and, of course, boil arguments amongst the wives.

Here room the details ~ above the brand-new and returning actors members because that season eight.

Dolores Catania

The real-estate agent from phibìc Haledon owns 2 Powerhouse Fitness Centers: one in Old Bridge and also another in Whippany.

Her residence is assessed at $624,000 and costs $18,000 annual in taxes, follow to NJ Parcels.

She join the main cast in season six.

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Melissa Gorga

The Montvale mother of three owns the Montclair apparel boutique Envy through Melissa Gorga in Montclair. She husband Joe is co-star Teresa Giudice’s brother. He freshly purchased Gorga"s Homemade Pasta & Pizza in eastern Hanover.

Her home is assessed at $3 million and also costs $68,000 in taxes, follow to NJ Parcels.

She an initial appeared ~ above the display in season three.

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Margaret Josephs

The newcomer native Tenaflyis a fashion designer, well-known for her lifestyle brand, Macbeth collection by Margaret Josephs. She is likewise an entrepreneur and television lifestyle expert.

Her residence is assessed at $2 million and also costs $52,000 in taxes, according to NJ Parcels.

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Teresa Giudice

The Towaco mommy of four and also original RHONJ actors member was released from federal prison in December 2015 after serving 11 months because that fraud. Her husband Joe, is at this time serving a 41-month sentence because that fraud, i m sorry he started in march 2016.

She is a new York times bestselling author of 4 cookbooks; “Skinny Italian,” “Fabulicious!,” “Fabulicious! fast & Fit” and “Fabulicious! ~ above the Grill.” She is likewise the writer of the memoir “Turning the Tables: indigenous Housewife to Inmate and ago Again” and also has a new book coming the end on Oct. 5, “Standing Strong.” She is likewise a co-owner of Gorga"s Homemade Pasta & Pizza in east Hanover.

Her house in the Towaco section of Montville is assessed $1.8 million with yearly taxes approximated at $41,000, according to NJ Parcels.


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Siggy Flicker

The Tenafly matchmaker, connection expert and television personality is the writer of “Write Your own Fairytale: The brand-new Rules the Dating and Relationships” and “Finding Love on her Own.”

Her house is assessed in ~ $1.7 million with yearly taxes of about $43,000, according to NJ Parcels.

She joined the actors in season seven.

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Danielle Staub

The tv personality indigenous Wayne is the mommy of 2 girls and also the author of “The naked Truth: The actual Story Behind the actual Housewife of new Jersey - In Her own Words.” She is involved to her boyfriend, Marty Caffrey, whom she began dating in 2016.

Her Wayne house was detailed for brief sale in 2014, however her present home information was no available.

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She was an original actors member of the show, but left after ~ season two and also is returning in the brand-new season.

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