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Entrepreneurs juggle school with business

April 16th, 2009

With fewer jobs available for graduating seniors, some students are looking to create their own.

“I think that it’s the best time to start [a company],” said Carter Cleveland ’09. Cleveland said he plans to move to Silicon Valley after graduation to work on his startup online service,, a virtual art gallery that allows artists to buy, share and sell their work on social networking websites.

“If you look back, a lot of the greatest companies out there came out of [a] recession,” Cleveland said, noting that both Microsoft and Apple were founded during the economic downturn in the 1970s. “You’re going to have less competition. You’re forging your company in the hottest part of the fire.”

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Cancer researchers win $25,000 in U. competition

By Tasnim Shamma
Senior Writer
Apr. 3, 2009

With $40,000 in prize money at stake, researchers, graduate students and professors attempted to summarize years of research in three minutes Thursday night.

Twelve groups of contestants presented their innovative research and potential applications to a panel of four judges from venture capital firms around the country.

The competitors battled against an alarm clock and yellow cards waved in the air signaling that they were out of time. After an hour of deliberation, the winners were revealed.


Princeton Entrepreneurship Club & Princeton Pitch Written Up in PAW (Princeton Alumni Weekly)

Pitches and propositions

By Melinda Baldwin GS 

It’s a scenario entrepreneurs dream about: You have a great idea for a business venture, and one morning you find yourself sharing an elevator with a well-known venture capitalist. Can you pitch your idea successfully before you reach the top floor?

This scenario was the inspiration behind Princeton Pitch 2008, an event sponsored and run by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club. On Nov. 19, budding Princeton entrepreneurs were given 90 seconds to sell their ideas to a panel of five venture capitalists. The judges awarded a $1,000 prize (complete with giant novelty check) to the pitch they judged the most promising. 

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Ludwig '06 and Ledbetter '06 Launch Give Real

Last week Adam Ludwig '06 and Patrick Ledbetter '06 launched their new business: Give Real. Adam came to speak to the EClub last year during the first year of the Speaker Series and talked a bit about a new venture he was working on, to the extent that he could, and within the year, that idea has become Give Real. Through this new service, anyone can buy their friends across the country a drink with can be redeemed in bars and restaurants across the country. Their ten person team also includes William Macreery ’06, Brian O’Kelley ’99 and Caroline Lau ’06 while Carter Cleveland '09 interned for them this past summer. It's exciting to see the team having gotten so far since we last heard from them; we look forward to seeing Give Real take off.

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Xiao '12 wins $1,000 in 'Princeton Pitch' Competition

By Nan Hu
Staff Writer
Nov. 20, 2008

Instead of having just interior airbags to protect passengers, the cars of the future should have exterior devices that can predict a collision and then inflate to protect the vehicle from damage...