Angelina Jolie’s “Billy Bob” tattoo. Connection status: Dunzo!Dean McDermott’s eight tattoo of mam Tori Spelling. Relationship status: Still happily married v their 4th child on the way.Marc Anthony’s within wrist tattoo that says “Jennifer” because that Jennifer Lopez. Connection status: Dunzo!David Beckham‘s one of plenty of tattoos. This one is of wive Victoria. Relationship status: Married with 4 kids.Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney. She got a ring tattoo of her regulating husband Simon on her left hand. Relationship status: Dunzo! Soooo dunzo! Tamra has actually recently had actually the tattoo reduced out of she finger.Nick Cannon’s “Mariah” tattoo across his back for Mariah Carey. Connection status: Married with twins.

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Khloe Kardashian‘s appropriate hand tattoo of “LO” because that Lamar Odom. Lamar has actually KO top top his hand. Connection status: quiet together and also NOT act a 2nd season the “Khloe and also Lamar” to emphasis on their marriage.Melanie Griffith’s well known “Antonio” tattoo. Partnership status: still together.Heidi Klum‘s tough to read “Seal” tattoo on her inner best arm. Partnership status: freshly separated.

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Eva Longoria had actually “nine” tattood ~ above the back of her neck. That was, then, husband Tony Parker’s jersey number. Partnership status: Dunzo. Confusing dunzo.Carey Hart had actually Pink’s challenge (er, somewhat favor it) inked top top his leg. Partnership status: numerous ups and also downs but it seems to be on the upswing together they room together and just had a little girl.I’ve constantly thought that obtaining your far-ranging other’s surname or face inked everywhere on her body was the kiss of fatality for her relationship. While the percent is tho high the the two of you will be top top the outs once you make the semi-permanent commitment, there are those who are proving me wrong.