Nick Jonas has been accused that merely providing lip company to the gay community, however he’s plainly not afraid to placed his mouth wherein his money is.

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Kingdom‘s 3rd (and final) season kicked off on might 31, and also the mixed-martial arts drama is together operatic, gritty, and grandiose as ever.

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The collection stars Nick Jonas together a blended martial art fighter that happens to also be a closeted gay man. The many recent episode functions a scene the goes (somewhat) above and also beyond the mean chaste “gay” TV kiss, as you have the right to see here:


There’s likewise an explicit scene in i m sorry a young man brings him a delicious, steaming bowl of porridge ~ a passionate night of gay lovemaking. Hot:


And… climate there’s another gay kiss (while Jonas stop the porridge! Yes!), but this one is quite chaste and also average, really. An ext of a peck than a pre-poke prod. But it’s certainly a kiss between two men. For this reason there’s that:


Earlier in the story, Jonas’s personality decides come come the end to his brother Jay after some organization involving junkies stealing $7,000 from him, and so he smashes increase his room, and there’s pathos because that miles.

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There’s also a skin-crawly little of dialogue follow me the present of “You’re mine brother… therefore you better be law the fucking!”

Here’s the season 3 trailer, therefore you deserve to decide whether this is the sort of gritty urban drama your heart desires:

h/t: Gay Times

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