As the season winds down and we customs closer to seeing if The Bachelor spoilers will be proven correct, human being start come break down.

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With six women remaining, Nick Viall make his toughest decision to date in culling the field to four for the desire hometown dates.

No one said looking for love to be gonna it is in easy, right?


On The Bachelor Season 21 illustration 7, quite much every one of Nick\"s relationships v the six continuing to be suitors were referred to as into question.

Might he in reality drop out and also become the first star in BACHELOR history to cracked under the pressure and peace out of the show?

Obviously not, however the dramatic modifying was top-notch.

In an unanticipated twist, us learned that Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelorette for the comes season, an unprecedented spoiler by ABC.

Guess that\"s one method to combat leaks indigenous on set - jettison any hope of building up suspense for a big reveal and just announce the ASAP.

Congratulations, Rachel, on this history-making move!

So we know she doesn\"t victory this season, in other words, however she might still be got rid of at assorted points, therefore there\"s many of suspense.


On the an initial date of the night, Vanessa Grimaldi is invited to “go deeper” through Nick, i m sorry no doubt renders Corinne jealous in a big way.

Girl wants Nick to go deeper, if you recognize what us mean.

As they chill top top a boat and also talk about their feelings, Vanessa start to develop real feelings for Nick, that admits he\"s weighing his options.

No much better way to make a girl swoon 보다 that, right?

On the dreaded team date, Corinne, Kristina, and also Raven go swimming with the sharks (and Nick) in Bimini. There is a an allegory there.

It\"s also literal, though, together they are full on swim in the s amidst predators, and we\"re not simply referring to Corinne this time.

At the after-party, Kristina and also Nick make out, while Corinne begs Nick to reassure her and basically tell she he desires her even more.


Ultimately, it\"s Raven gates who it s okay the climbed on this team event, and also the Arkansas beauty insurance claims she’s fall in love v him, too.

On his second one-on-one day of the night, Nick and Danielle visibly battle to reconnect, as they haven\"t been that close in a while.

Call it a harbinger of points to come because that Danielle.

Soon enough, a boring Nick dumps her, the women space shocked by she fate, and also Corinne hatches a arrangement to certain she does no repeat it.

Do we even need to tell you what said plan is?

As she place on a sexy (we think) ensemble, Corinne ultimately recites to the camera her amazing quote from The Bachelor season preview:

“My love is gold, yet my vagine is platinum.”


To his credit, Nick Viall pumps the brakes instead of pumping Corinne, i beg your pardon surprises and also does no amuse the southern Florida Seductress.

Yes, Nick Viall showed up to rotate down sex.

The show will keep you guessing sometimes! ~ above his third date, Nick and Rachel Lindsay drink beer and also get advice from regional bartenders.

Rachel is i was sure in her partnership with Nick, and also perhaps with good reason, yet Nick is freaking out about the remove process.

Again. These are hard choices, man.

To America\"s displeasure, he does no dispatch Corinne Olympios. Instead, he tells Kristina that he\"s no in love with her and also off she goes.

She cries as if this is truly devastating.


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Click ~ above the video clip above to watch The Bachelor online and weigh on who you think Nick must - and also will - take to the finale this winter.

Our money\"s ~ above Vanessa, especially with Rachel out. We can\"t see Corinne obtaining the last rose, no matter what stunts she employs.

What do you think?

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