Nic Cage! What a guy. If Keanu Reeves is the best man top top the internet, with numerous paparazzi picture of him just being a great dude, then Nicolas Cage is Screech with an Oscar. He just gets a poor rep, in spite of being in now-iconic movies. Did her dad make you watch The Rock, too? It to be my mother, though, who presented me to my favorite Nicolas Cage: Moonstruck’s Ronny Cammareri. Is anything better than sweaty, one-handed Nic Cage baking bread through the tears the his heart pain inside? Well, one thing might be. And if you’re the kind of person that loves a good gag gift, this is simply for you. Say hello come the Nicolas Cage reversible sequin pillow.

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There are two versions: the sequin pillowcase and also the totality shebang with the pillow insert. These hilarious pillowcases turn any pillow or cushion cover right into a beautiful, sparkly picture of Nicolas Cage. Surprisingly, the pillows have great reviews, with largely 4.5 stars or higher. My personal favorite is, “Drunk me to buy it. Sober me approves. 10/10 would certainly buy again.”


Mermaid pillows, this layout of litter pillow, are known for gift reversible. While part designs space humorous, others are inspirational and motivational. Whether it’s the Mona Lisa or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there really is a sequin pillow cover because that everyone. Surprisingly, very few of the reviews mention discomfort. The earlier side is smooth, which provides it semi-functional. I’ll it is in honest, litter pillow covers prefer these are really below for laughs, so function isn’t high on my priority list.

Back to Cage’s face. It’s this the most beautiful face pillow you’ve ever seen? Surprise! It’s also obtainable in red. Ns think I’m an ext partial to the full challenge pillow cover design. The no-chin look of the red is a little bit scary, but that’s also what provides it even much more hilarious.

If you’re going for gag, this is the complete effect.

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Maybe these formats of Nicolas Cage pillows aren’t your thing. The Nicolas Cage challenge sequin pillow isn’t really doing it because that you. Maybe you’d prefer something v a bit an ext pizzazz. A few brighter colors. Nic Cage in a banana, friend said?


So there you have actually it. Nicolas Cage pillowcases in red sequins, blue, and white. If you’re a substantial fan, add this to her wish list. You can uncover versions top top Etsy.com if you’d prefer to buy indigenous a shop organized there, or you deserve to head on end to Amazon to pick up this unique gift that will either be loved or hated. Native the sound the the reviews, though, this can be the finest gift ever.