MTV has actually been showcasing pure talent through the reality video game show, ‘The Challenge,’ which place the contestants’ physics dexterity to test through a series of puzzles and games. Interestingly, the participants come from various MTV and also non-MTV shows, and also thus, each season the the franchise garners enormous fan-following. One of the strongest power players who made a comeback top top ‘The Challenge: dual Agents’ is Nicole Zanatta. We gained intrigued to dig deeper into the life the the strongest female swimmer ~ above ‘Vendettas’ and also here is every little thing we discovered out!

Nicole Zanatta: Age and Family

Family picture just lacking one!
Zanattafor62 you’re exceptional sis, love you!

— Nicole Zanatta (
n_zanattaMTV) might 15, 2018

Nicole Zanatta to be born ~ above October 28, 1990, in ~ Staten Island, brand-new York. The 30-year-old reality TV star hails from a classic Italian-American family. She father, Anthony Zanatta, and also her mother, Karen Zanatta, had triplets, and also so Nicole is among the three sisters, the various other two gift Ashley and Samantha. The closely-knit siblings showed up on MTV’s ‘The actual World: Skeletons’ (season 30), and also their fans witnessed the priceless bond shared by them in spite of the an easy differences.

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LOVING this illustration of the real people #sisters #RealWorldSkeletons …#whatskelton

— Ashley Zanatta (
AshleyZanatta) February 11, 2015

Nicole Zanatta: Background

Nicole Zanatta passionately followed her strong interests during her high school years as she participated in track and field in ~ Tottenville High School. From thereon, she earned her graduate level from St. John’s University along with working together an Emergency medical Technician (EMT). Roughly the time Zanatta made an appearance on ‘Skeletons,’ she was still one ambulance technician. The Staten Islander then went on to come to be a valiant firefighter in ~ Fire Department new York (FDNY). However, the show plainly exhibited she disinterest in stable down, unlike she sisters, that were both engaged at the time.

Nicole Zanatta: tv Career

Nicole Zanatta remained steady on her decision to attain greater heights in life, showcasing an immense potential and ever-burning fire in she heart. She make her truth TV debut with ‘The actual World: Skeletons’ and made recurring appearances ~ above ‘The Challenge.’ prior to finally returning on its 36th edition ~ a four-season break, Zanatta landed as a finalist on ‘Invasion that the Champions’ (season 29) and also ‘Vendettas’ (season 31). The talented star with outstanding physical prowess participated on another MTV hit present ‘Ex on the Peak,’ on i beg your pardon Zanatta’s emotional strength rather of she brawn acquired tested.

Nicole Zanatta: Girlfriend and also Former Relationships

Nicole Zanatta has had actually several flings in a quick period, yet unluckily, many of them have actually been on nationwide television. Over there is miscellaneous undeniably admirable around her audacity as the fact star does not take a step earlier when over there is even the slightest possibility of her finding true love. During her insignificant on ‘The Challenge: invasion of the Champions’ in 2017, her fellow actors member, Laurel Stucky, dropped so deeply in love through her that she checked out the extent of revealing her bisexuality come the world.

Zanatta remained right by she side throughout her coming the end journey and started date her after the season concluded. But unfortunately, the former pair did not survive in the real world and parted means after six months. Nicole Zanatta’s actual roller coaster journey of flings began during the filming that ‘Ex ~ above the Beach: optimal of Love,’ the winter-themed season 4 of the American version of MTV’s hit collection ‘Ex top top the Beach.’

When the network invited the contestants to new Zealand, the Annadale native did not understand that she was exposing it s her to hell. The season was pure entertainment as viewers saw Zanatta getting blinded by she exes Laurel Stucky, Jemmye Carroll, and Ashley Caesar. While Nicole Zanatta was originally trying to develop a near bond through Allie DiMeco, Laurel’s illustration made she forget all around it in ~ a short span that time. After hooking up v Laurel multiple times, Zanatta began to desire for she ex-girlfriend, Ashley.

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I love her.

— Nicole Zanatta (
n_zanattaMTV) June 24, 2020

Luckily, they established a strong bond end the course of the season and even gave their pan a sneak-peak right into their Californian life ~ above MTV’s brand-new series ‘True Life: Quarantine Stories.’ However, the rumor mill has started churning again. The is being said that there is trouble in Nicole and also Ashley’s paradise and their cryptic tweets, in a way, check the same. However, there is no main confirmation the the two calling that quits together yet.

Ashley let’s not do this, together I want to be v you and also God knows ns tried and did what i could. You resided in the past and we were unable to fix issues. I respect friend so ns not around to walk here, so favor we as soon as said, if you call(ed) me her future wife treat me favor it. ❤️