I have produced a PCL project, I host Mac with Visual Studio yet when run iOS project, it provides error:

I make the efforts to change in iOs building signing like below but nothing functions for me.


Please assist me solve this issue.

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For iOS you have to register her app/device with Apple.

You will have to go to her Apple developer account and also create a listing for your app and register the maker you are trial and error on.

Also friend will have to import your developer account into Xcode, this demands to it is in done due to the fact that your advance app likewise needs to it is in signed before it have the right to be placed on a physics device.

More information deserve to be uncovered in the Xamarin documentation.

The excerpt is this;

Go to Xcode and add your Apple id (Choose Xcode Menu > Preferences..., Click the Accounts tab, Click the Add (+) button and also select Add apple ID... indigenous the popup menu)


If you have actually an apple ID that belongs come an apologize Developer Program, enter your apologize ID and password, and click the Add button.


Otherwise you have the right to click the Join a Program button and also a web web browser will be opened where you have the right to sign-up.

Now you need to include your an equipment to Xcode.

Connect the an equipment to your Mac with a USB cableFrom the Windows menu choose DevicesSelect the wanted iOS machine from the Devices list on the left side of the Devices WindowHighlight the Identifier string and also copy it come the clipboard


Click the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles attach (on the right)Click ~ above the Devices linkClick the + switch (top right)Provide a name for the new machine and dough the device Identifier that us copied above into the UUID field


Now you have to pull the freshly developed certificates to her Mac/Xcode.

Stop visual Studio/Xamarin StudioStart XcodeChoose Xcode Menu > Preferences...Click the Accounts tabClick the View Details...

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buttonClick the Refresh icon switch in the reduced left hand corner of the display screen (the round arrowhead thingy)After the list of available Provisioning Profiles has been updated, click the Done buttonExit Xcode (or leave it open up if you prefer the sight..)Start intuitive Studio/Xamarin Studio

Now ns think you deserve to start experimentation on her device. But if you require special iOS services (i.e. Access to video game Center, iCloud, etc.) friend will have to register your app as well. This is roughly a similar procedure as the one before this, however I will certainly ahve to ask friend to review the documentation on that or Google "Provisioning for application Services". Before the article gets too lengthy ;)

Note; this may change in the future since Apple has actually announced yesterday the sideloading (your own) apps (the thing you want to do here) will be free.So if you execute not have a to apologize developer account yet then you might want come wait a small while.