Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is Back!!!

Second semester sessions start this Thursday, March 5th.


March 5th – 5:30- Frist 207

March 26th – 5:30- Frist 207

April 9th – 5:30- Frist 207

April 23rd – 5:30- Frist 207

April 30th – 5:30- Frist 207

Email to sign up for one or more of the sessions

PS: As Always, Free Pizza!!!


The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club is proud to introduce its newest event: the IDEA FACTORY.

What is it: The Idea Factory is an open collaborative forum for students to bring their latest ideas for a venture - to change the world, make a fortune or test an innovation -  no matter what stage it is in, and receive guidance from their peers and successful entrepreneurs about how to take the next step. We are lucky to have Professor Ed Zschau, of the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, as our head moderator. For each session, Professor Zschau will be accompanied by various alumni and entrepreneurs whose experience and advice will be invaluable in the development of each student’s idea.

How it works: The Idea Factory is open to any Princeton student who has an idea for a new product, service, company or venture and wants guidance on what his or her next step should be in developing it. The idea can be in any stage. It could a brand new idea that you've started looking into or even one that you've been working on for a couple years but have perhaps hit a roadblock. We'll start with you presenting your idea briefly and summarizing how far you've taken it and the questions or issues you've encountered so far. You don't need anything fancy, but you should have organized your thoughts enough so people can understand what you're pursuing. After that, Professor Zschau, our weekly guest moderators, and your peers will help you think through how you might develop your idea to the next stage. This will be an informal, collaborative and interactive environment (no lectures involved). Our focus will be helping you to "take the next step" with the idea you're serious about pursuing.

Why we're doing it: Lots of great venture ideas never see the light of day because people don't know how to convert their inspirations into reality. This is a setting to help you figure out what's next for yours. In our first four test sessions, we have helped over 50 students refine their ideas and work towards taking the next step.

When: Sessions will be conducted throughout the year. Dates will be posted online and announcements will be made on, the EClub mailing list, as well as various partner lists

How to sign up: Presenting will take place on a first-come first-serve basis. Once you receive an announcement of the next session, email ASAP to be on the list of participants.