Does your family members have a many traditions? How around secret traditions? One of the cutest and most fun graduation ideas i stumbled upon while scrolling with my on facebook feed last year. I taken place upon the suggestion to get your children teacher to authorize a copy of the most iconic children’s book about graduation, career, and also life in general—Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the locations You’ll Go!” And, it’s brilliant. This makes a wonderful yearly tradition that you execute in secret, sneakily obtaining teachers to authorize the book with a unique message. One “Oh the places You’ll Go” Signature Book becomes a gift complete of graduation quotes and also end of college year thoughts from lovely teachers. Then, come high college graduation or college graduation, you have actually a truly sentimental gift for your beloved son as they go off on your own into the world.

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Somebody, please happen me the tissues. It’s just my allergies, i swear.


Spoiler Alert: yes sir a great deal ~ above the hardcover “Oh, the places You’ll Go!” at Amazon right Now! only $7.88!! purchase the book and also then develop a crazy-awesome keepsake for her kids. Okay, for this reason here’s just how it works.

Fun Graduation Ideas: A Pre-K-12 Tradition

Even if us aren’t counting, the graduation countdown is on! this years are currently flying by. Serious though, setup this book signature tradition into motion is a piece of cake and also well worth it. Obtaining signatures and graduation comments in a special publication is one of the ideal fun graduation ideas because that an yearly tradition. Here’s why:

After paying because that years of sports, activities, vacations, tuition, clothing, and so much more (between now and then), possibly a sentimental gift actually means more than just “stuff.”Plus, her child can not remember her preschool teacher or the name of every solitary homeroom teacher over the years. However with this book, that or she will be delighted to go through and also read the indigenous of encouragement and congratulations time and also time again.This publication will it is in filled v graduation advice, memories, quotes, and fondness rolling all into one beautiful memento. The words had harmoniously overlap through the messages and also life advice of Dr. Seuss.

I’m posting about funny graduation ideas this particular day specifically because I witnessed that the expense of the publication was reduced than I’ve ever before seen it. Appropriate now, top top Amazon, you can acquire “Oh the places You’ll Go!” for just $7.88!! What a good deal! ns bought two copies for less than the usual perform price of simply one copy. (List Price $18.99) If girlfriend hurry, girlfriend might be able to catch the deal too. Pricing is specific at the time of this posting, however prices are constantly subject come change. I’d introduce checking your shopping cart simply to be sure. This deal absolutely is one of the best affordable graduation gifts, also if you pair it through a watch or another special existing when the moment comes.


Tips for the “Oh, the locations You’ll Go” publication Signing Tradition

Just buying the book is the absolute an initial step. I recommend doing the entirety thing in an enig so your kids are surprised as soon as it pertains to the work you provide them this precious and also fun graduation gift. Below are a couple of tips to make the Oh, the places You’ll go Signature Book heritage as straightforward as possible.

Keep the envelope it come in, or hide the book inside a mailing envelope.Write a letter to her child’s teacher, explaining what you’re doing. Let that or her recognize that you’d favor them to take part by leaving a few words and also their name and also grade level on any kind of page they’d like.Write the teacher’s name and grade level top top the envelope.You may additionally wish to email or contact your children teacher privately to offer a heads up together well.Take the parcel come the school’s main office and also drop that off.Be certain to allow the secretary know the plan and to keep it a secret from your child.Wait come hear that your secret parcel is all set for pickup!Find a safe and also memorable ar to hide the publication until this time next year.Wash, rinse, repeat. Easy-peasy!


Free ‘Oh, the locations You’ll Go’ Letter come Teacher

Since my arrangement is to do this every year, I experienced an possibility to optimize. Fairly than handwriting a note every year, I created a letter I can just print out, sign, and also enclose. It may be a little silly but I’ve penned it in the format of “Oh, the places You’ll Go.” Feel free to download and also use my letter. If you select to re-superstructure it, please provide credit to mine site, That’s all i ask! Happy to help. :))

Download the “Oh, the places You’ll Go” Signature request Teacher Note.

Fun Grad Gift Ideas: as soon as to begin the publication Tradition

Truthfully, ns wish I’d known about these kinds of graduation traditions as soon as my daughter remained in preschool. ~ above the various other hand, ns super thankful I uncovered out around this “Oh, the areas You’ll Go” signature publication at all. And, I’m optimistic to sneakily obtain in touch and also have one of the teachers authorize it after ~ the fact. I just picked up two duplicates on Amazon so that I can do the “Oh, the locations You’ll Go!” heritage with my youngest together well. I bought the 2nd copy therefore I can read these publications to them frequently while lock young. That way, the gift will median even much more when lock older. (Plus, my oldest originally had her own copy and I used it for the secret graduation legacy without her knowing, therefore I essential to change it!)


Of course, ns still think the a special tradition also for an older child, even if you can’t obtain all the signatures. I’m confident one day to have their gymnastics coaches and also other vital role models sign the book as well. This signature book seems as if it would be among the best graduation gift ideas that I deserve to start appropriate now. I know I will certainly sit there and also bawl my eyes out as soon as we offer both of our daughters this book in the future, but in a good way. I’m certain we’ll do so many wonderful memories in between now and also then! i hope this years nothing fly by also swiftly.


Life ~ graduation is sure to it is in rocky in ~ times, together we’ve every experienced. A memory and also signature-filled copy that “Oh, the areas You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss becomes a treasured keepsake because that life. Make certain you psychic to write your very own special blog post in the publication for your child or daughter. Friend might also consider having grandparents, godparents, or various other special family members authorize it together well.

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According to love husband at the moment of this writing, the price is the lowest it’s remained in a while!


Now is the perfect time to begin doing this wonderful graduation tradition, too. That May and also the end the school is upon us in a few short weeks. End of college year gifts like a expedition to the ice cream shop or the amusement park are certainly in order, but don’t forget to plan ahead a little. Obtain the book. Acquire it signed. When that day finally comes, you’ll be so happy you did.