Southpaw Soundtrack list Movie (2015) – Tracklist – OST list – listen to initial score and full songs, layout Music, movie score list, the playlist of every one of the songs played in the movie, that sings them, including finish credits.Southpaw Soundtrack Details: original release date: July 27, 2015 listed below you can view the finish Southpaw Soundtrack list, score album tracklist original music written by James Horner 1. The prepare 2. A much more Normal Life 3. A deadly Tragedy 4. The Funeral, Alone… 5. Suicidal Rampage 6. Empty Showers 7. Dream Crusher 8. A Cry for aid 9. House Auction 10. A long Road earlier 11. Maintain 12. How Much They miss Her 13. Hope vs Escobar 14. A Quiet Moment… listen to all the complete songs indigenous the Southpaw score in a playlist extr film music – music from and inspired native the motion photo 1. James Horner – Cry for Love (Part 1) 2. Eminem – emperors Never dice (feat. Gwen Stefani) 3. Plunder Bailey & The Hustle traditional – Beast (Southpaw Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes, Kxng Crooked & tech N9ne) 4. Denaun – This corner 5. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ – What about the remainder of united state (feat. Rico Love) 6. Negative Meets evil – life 7. Slaughterhouse – R.N.S. 8. The Weeknd – Wicked games 9. Poor Meets evil – All i Think around 10. 50 Cent – Drama never ever Dies 11. Prhyme – setting (feat. Logic) 12. The well known B.I.G. – well known Thugs (feat. Bone thus N Harmony) 13. Eminem – Phenomenal 14. James Horner – Cry for Love (Part 2) 15. We Dem Boyz – Whiz Khalifa 16. Perfect job – Kari Kimmel 17. That’s anywhere Baby – The Pentagons 18. Toes 2 toe 2015 – john Paul 19. The guys Are earlier – Campfire 20. Ain’t concerned – D town 21. Lover’s Glance – Homer Greencastle 22. Turn The Sunshine on – Cathy Heller 23. Walk – Chaptabois 24. Wise guy – Frank s listen to many of the complete songs indigenous the Southpaw soundtrack in a playlist Southpaw film Information:Genre: Drama, sport Release date in USA: July 23, 2015Director: Antoine Fuqua Writers: kurt Sutter Stars: Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal, forest Whitaker
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Trailer song (full tracks) Phenomenal - Eminem (Official trailer)
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