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Credit: Timothy SaccentiColeguy Hell"s self-titled EP, featuring the hit single "2 Heads, is released this particular day. On "2 Heads," which presently sits in the top 10 at Alteraboriginal radio, Hell sings, "Our love is like a monster via 2 heads and also one heartbeat." As Hell tells ABC Radio, that evocative photo comes from his own partnership experiences.

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"I think it"s just a case I"ve uncovered myself in a number of times in my life where you"re connected via someone, and also maybe it does not really make feeling, or it"s not appropriate," he defines. "But there"s somepoint there, favor some sort of spark wright here it"s prefer magnetic and also you can"t really pull apart."

While a "monster with two heads" doesn"t sound choose a description for the happiest of relationships, Hell believes that the line deserve to be taken in a "few various methods."

"It could be monstrous in like a really negative means, or it can additionally simply be monstrous in favor a passionate way wright here it"s like you"re simply sort of this beast of power or something," Hell states. "So I do not think it"s entirely negative."

"I"ve heard some people have actually told me they"ve offered it for their first dance at a wedding and also stuff," he adds.

"2 Heads" is an electronic-based song, yet it has actually a folksy feel -- à la Avicii"s "Wake Me Up" -- thanks to a periodic banjo riff throughout the track. Hell grew up hearing roots music, and also that"s stuck to him even as he"s pursued digital music.

"I"ve come to a point in my life wright here I"m trying to mix together what motivated me when I was young however mix it through the method I make music, so favor on computers through synthesizers," Hell tells ABC Radio.

With the EP currently out, Hell is looking forward to his dehowever full-size album, which is due following year. He explains Coleguy Hell as a "excellent bridge" to the sounds of the album.

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"I"ve tape-recorded many it currently," Hell says of the full-length album. "It"s more diving totally into the idea of the "2 Heads" sound and also making stuff sound even more sort of a mix between organic and also digital, however still the exact same kind of songcreating."

Hell will be touring with fellow electronic artist Robert DeLong beginning October 28 in Toronto.