Outlander boasts many of memorable music moments, many thanks to composer be affected by each other McCreary. Together we did for seasons 1 and 2, right here is our ranking the the optimal 10 Musical moment of Outlander Season 3. 

Much like Scotland itself, the music the Outlander has come to be like another character in the show. After three seasons, display watchers and book readers alike are now used to listening for and appreciating the brilliant work-related of composer bear McCreary. McCreary and also Outlander’s showrunner, Ron Moore, have a long history of collaborating on number of television and movie projects, consisting of Battlestar Galactica and also Moore’s many recent series, Philip K. Dick’s electric Dreams. It’s clear the trust that Moore areas in McCreary when it involves Outlander. The ever-changing nature the the present — over time and room — create a daunting environment even for a experienced like McCreary. But, again and also again, McCreary delivers. The Outlander Season 3 soundtrack is no exception. Outlander cast founder, Blake Larsen, has currently broken under the sound monitor critically in one insightful review of McCreary’s Season 3 compositions.

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Personally, however, it’s the musical moments themselves that stick v me as soon as watching Outlander. These are the scenes and the setups within the illustration that, when an unified with McCreary’s thoughtful score, produce an emotional connection to that part of the present or details episode. As I have actually done for both seasons 1 and 2, i have attempted come rank mine Top 10 music Moments the the season. Similar to Season 2, the music that the first half of Season 3 to be wildly different from the second half. As we know, no moss ever grows under Jamie and Claire. Having actually each invested time in their very own century and also on different continents, your reunion in Scotland is brief before they space on the move once again. McCreary’s music stylings reflect the always shifting geographic nature of Outlander and the travails the the Frasers. That is simply one thing that makes this details season’s score so very interesting. So, we will start with #10 and also work our method to the Top Musical minute of Outlander Season 3…

Click top top the title headings come hear the tracks in their entirety (on YouTube or Spotify) or describe references listed below to time stamps in the episodes to testimonial the music Moments.


#10 illustration 3.03, “All fan Paid” – The Promise of john Grey (listen to track on Spotify)

The man Grey Theme first heard in illustration 3.03 “All debts Paid” is a masterpiece. Challenge I say it is most likely the standout monitor of the entire album? john Grey is together an incredibly vital character in the Outlander novels walk forward and in the life of Jamie and also Claire. Litter in an certain brilliant power by Canadian-born actor, David Berry, as man Grey, and also it is tv bliss. While the initial “John Grey” theme track appears in the episode early on on, that is in ~ the halfway suggest of “All debts Paid” (the 38-minute allude of the episode) the marks the very first part of my #10 music Moment. Grey chases the escaped Jamie only to become a sinner himself. The two guys bargain v each other and also Grey rejects Jamie’s offer to take it his last debt. And, as Jamie speak his remarkable story of silk Island and also the find for the White Witch, the step morphs right into Brianna’s graduation and a variation of “Frank’s Theme.” such a seamless change between the two pieces the music together we see Brianna coming of age and the Randalls beginning to involved terms with their separate lives. Later in the episode (the 53-minute mark), we check out McCreary integrate the clean truth and also dignity that the solo French horn through some soaring orchestrations symbolizing a definite revolve in the story in between Grey and also Fraser. Bears refers to the use of the “John Grey Ostinato” when mentioning the advancement of the theme. Because that those not musically knowledgeable, an ostinato is a music motif or phrase that persistently repeats in the same voice, typically at the same pitch. An instance you may have heard of is the renowned “Ravel’s Boléro.” set amongst the background of yet much more gorgeous cinematography, the two guys exchange words around the why and the exactly how of Jamie’s fate. Grey seeks to define his reasons for not just sparing Jamie’s life, but likewise providing part hope for his future, as grim as that future might be.

As McCreary refers to it,this texture (the ostinato) to be useful…and included intrigue and also mystery… that continues, I wanted to assistance this episode through a feeling of grandeur, and help underscore the weighty themes that defiance, trust, and honor.” 

“The Promise of john Grey” — and also the underlying john Grey theme supplied in episode 3.03 — repaint a melodic photo of the symptom that space to come between Jamie and also John, and Claire, that course. This scenes accompanied by the theme feel favor a preface come a deeper story and also a rocky course we will certainly walk through these characters. That is why it is my #10 musical Moment.


#9 episode 3.09, “The Doldrums” – The Skye watercraft Song (Caribbean Version) (listen to track on Spotify)

Part that me felt contempt dejected when I heard this version of the main Title theme for Outlander current itself because that the first time during the opening of episode 3.09, “The Doldrums.” But, why, friend say?? No doubt, it to be a beautiful merging of the popular title track we all memorized love and also a fusion of catchy Caribbean music. And, climate there to be the drumming. The rhythmic flare of Afro-Cuban drumming was somehow put so effortlessly the it simply all worked. The magic of be affected by each other McCreary when again. However, the factor I feel my heart sink and also why this “moment” renders it come my peak 10 music Moments, is since the instant I heard the distinctive adjust in our acquainted title theme, i knew we together viewers – along with Jamie and Claire – would be leaving Scotland. And, together a book reader ** SPOILER ** i knew that wasn’t just for a little while (like the jaunt come Paris) yet for a much, lot longer period of time. For countless lovers of Outlander, the story and also the television production, Scotland is a large draw. There is no mistaking this Celtic dreamland has end up being like another character in the show. So lot of what lugged Jamie and Claire with each other in the first place had actually to do with Scotland. It’s where the Jamie and also Claire story very first began. Personally, Outlander led me to Scotland and also as I all set for my third trip over there in three years, i have concerned love this place and also consider it, in many ways, a spirituality home. This track, therefore, had actually a an extremely profound affect on me when I realized Jamie and Claire were leaving your Scottish residence for locations unknown. The emotional influence of this, and also the excellent stylings of be affected by each other McCreary bringing forth yet one more memorable variation of the Skye boat Song, is what makes this mine #9 height Musical Moment of Season 3.


#8 and also #7 episode 3.01, “The battle Joined” – Blood on the Moor (listen to monitor on Spotify)

One that my many anticipated illustration of Outlander Season 3 to be the explicate of the fight of Culloden. The no secret to anyone that knows me the a favorite component of Outlander because that me space the fight sequences. The why illustration 2.10, “Prestonpans,” was my #1 favorite in my Ranking that Season 2 Episodes.

Not how amazing then, ns was certainly not disappointed in the premiere episode of Season 3, “The battle Joined.” It to be a hectic, tragic, bloody, heartbreaking and also quite poetic and beautiful representation of that devastating day in April the 1746. It to be impressive just how scenes were strung together beginning with Jamie fifty percent dead top top the battlefield and then foggily recalling the occasions leading approximately the battle. Excerpts that the fight itself to be intense and also vivid. Not straightforward thing to do, ns think, to traction together miscellaneous disparate scene to do that first 20 minute of the episode sing, also as tragically and mournfully as it did. 2 moments, however, stood out to me and, therefore, do it into the ranking.

One is the epos clash in between Black Jack and also Jamie together this complicated relationship finally concerns its bloody, yet emotional conclusion. Shout the end to director of Photography Alasdair pedestrian on this sequence that starts in ~ time marker 10:20 in the episode. The colorized readjust that highlights the two men amidst the confusion of the fight in the elevator is a startling and also breathtaking effect. The music below just adds to the drama. Bits the drums and strains that orchestral strings and reverberated bag pipes combined in through the haunting vocal version of the “Stones Theme” as the two men loss mortally wounded… viewers, in ~ least, think Jamie to it is in mortally wounded. And also then this minute is followed quickly by Jamie’s vision the Claire, gliding ghost-like throughout the battlefield. The swells of the Jamie and also Claire template mix naturally right into the track and also we think, together Jamie did, that perhaps it really was Claire. Over there are couple of musical interludes in Outlander that influence me as emotionally as does the “Jamie and also Claire” theme. McCreary supplies it repeatedly in many, many pieces throughout every three seasons and constantly to dramatic affect. In ~ time marker 13:16 in “The battle Joined,” i suck in mine breath sharply seeing Claire’s ethereal number seemingly float towards Jamie together she asks the concern we every wonder about, too: “Are friend alive?”

These are very understated moments in an episode whereby at the start there is no conversation or music at every for almost 10 minutes. But, the ethereal underpinnings that the music punctuate a collection of sequences in the illustration that important wrench your soul from her body. It’s magnificent storytelling merged with rich, music tones that us have come to expect from Outlander, but still find surprising and astounding every the same. This is why both this moments come in at #8 and also #7 top top the ranking.

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#6 illustration 3.03, “All fan Paid” – A automobile Accident (Listen to monitor on Spotify)

Because this ranking is all around “moments” for me, I need to go earlier to the an initial time I saw this episode. Ns was with number of of my partner from Outlander cast Podcast and Blog, consisting of podcast hosts Mary and Blake Larsen. It was midnight and also we to be all together watching together the show an initial appeared on the Starz application – the “early viewing” because that those the made a habit of this during the time the the yes, really airing that Season 3. Since I am additionally a publication reader, it to be the episode I was fairly sure would depict the end of frank Randall. And, a large part of me was ready and quite happy for that to happen. Like numerous Outlander fans, I wanted to view Jamie and also Claire ago together again – ASAP! And, while ns think candid plays a really important duty in the story the Outlander, I was prepared for the to relocate along so that Claire’s true love might take center stage when again. What ns wasn’t expecting if watching this illustration was how much feeling I would feel once Frank’s time came. I recall the moment so clearly. McCreary’s familiar “Frank Theme” began so slowly with solo piano note – do me think back to “Faith’s Theme” indigenous Season 2, which was similarly treated. It was dramatic and I could feel the lump rising in my throat. As Claire was offered the news and stood beside Frank in the sterile hospital morgue, slowly McCreary started to add more instruments, consisting of strings – violins – and also then the clarinet. Together Claire stated her goodbye and acknowledged what many readers and also viewers could have additionally been reasoning –“Yes, Frank, you space not Jamie, however we still love you” – the episode end credits begin to roll and also the solo clarinet offers one last gasp that the candid Theme. I discover this quote indigenous Bear McCreary so exciting when he spoke of this episode and this scene:

“When I wrote this…I did not even realize I had tears streaming down my challenge for hours. That was complicated to say goodbye come a character ns loved and also to a theme that had actually been v me because the first episode.” – bear McCreary blog

Bear’s deep connection to this layout is yet another indication of exactly how passionate so plenty of of the Outlander production crew feel about the show and how personally invested in the they are. I so love this around this show. But, the was when the episode end credits were rolling, together I sat there v my fellow Outlander actors colleagues, that ns truly to be without words. The room was completely silent for several minutes. Not one of the eight world sitting around that television display screen said a word for what appeared a really long time. The factor I stated nothing was since I knew if ns did, the words would sputter out together with a torrent of ugly tears. This to be a moment. A moment I wasn’t expecting. And this moment could not have actually been made any more emotional or emotional without that mournful therapy of the candid Theme. The is why this is mine #6 ~ above the ranking of peak Musical Moments in Season 3.