the end of a week, especially the duration of time in between Friday evening and Monday morning: We invested the weekend in ~ Virginia Beach.

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this period as prolonged by one or an ext holidays, job off, or the like, that automatically precede or follow: We're gaining a three-day weekend at Christmas.
any two-day duration taken or provided regularly together a weekly rest period from one's work: I have to work at the hospital ~ above Saturdays and Sundays, so ns take my weekends on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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The weekend is most commonly considered the duration between Friday evening and the end of Sunday.

More strictly speaking, the weekend is believed to covers Saturday and also Sunday (often nevertheless of even if it is the calendar week is taken into consideration to start on Sunday or Monday).

In helpful terms, the weekend is typically considered to it is in the period between the finish of the workweek (or college week) and the beginning of a brand-new one—which is why most people consider your weekend to begin on Friday night, after work-related or school.

Of course, not everyone works a Monday-to-Friday schedule. A person who usually works ~ above the weekend (on Saturday and Sunday) will most likely consider any kind of two-day stretch the they don’t have to work as their weekend.

Any additional days off on either next of a weekend are frequently considered part of the weekend. because that example, a day turn off for a holiday on Friday or Monday will an outcome in a three-day weekend. Or you can take turn off on Monday and also Tuesday because that a lengthy weekend.

Weekend can also be offered as an adjective in reference to something that happens top top a weekend (as in a weekend session), lasts just for a weekend (as in a weekend trip), or only uses during a weekend (as in weekend hours).

Much much less commonly, weekend can be provided as a verb meaning to invest a weekend somewhere, as in We prefer to weekend in the Hamptons. This sense deserve to sound a bit fancy or even pretentious (the very same thing can be said about summer once it’s provided as a verb).

The word weekends can be provided as an adverb definition every weekend or top top or throughout weekends, together in I occupational weekends, therefore I always miss mine son’s Saturday games.

Example: I spent the weekend in ~ the beach, however now I need to go earlier to work.

The indigenous weekend has been in use in some type since at the very least the 1600s. There space no generally used native to refer to the start of the week, but the indigenous midweek refers to the middle of the week, about from Tuesday morning come Thursday night.

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It may be a issue of controversy when the week in reality ends—is that Saturday night? Sunday night? but most civilization consider their workweek to finish when they end up working on Friday. And as shortly as they avoid working, it is usually when the weekend is assumed to begin.

The weekend is usually thought of together a time for rest, relaxation, leisure activities, and also otherwise doing whatever you desire to do. Common questions on Monday morning incorporate “How was your weekend?” and also “What walk you perform this weekend?”