P!NK — picture + evaluation from critical Night! | Amway facility Orlando (Sold Out!) | April 24, 2018

by Trevor Bosmans •April 25, 2018

My mam is a huge fan of pop music so normally we’ve seen many of the larger names like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake. This artists aren’t typically my forte, but around five years ago she carried me come a Pink concert in ~ Amway Center.

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To it is in honest, i was much more excited around The Hives opening the display than i was around Pink but that all readjusted once she struggle the stage. At the point, I only knew the hits yet that didn’t even matter since her stage show was for this reason amazing, ns didn’t care what she played. Ever because that exorbitant night five years ago, I’ve been a legit Pink fan.

Pink simply released her seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma in October of last year. She has been playing sold out shows roughly the civilization for the last few months. Pink’s Amway center show had been sold out because that months so ns knew just how lucky ns was just to it is in in the building and also I could not have actually asked for much better seats. For the following two hours, Pink took us on a journey with her discography if showcasing part songs native Beautiful Trauma.

The singer began off the night with one of her greatest hits the helped obtain her where she is today, “Get the Party Started.” This song gained everyone on your feet and set the tone because that the party that was to come end the food of the night. One by one Pink blazed through the hits, “Just prefer a Pill,” “Who knew?” and also the title monitor of the tour and brand-new album, “Beautiful Trauma.” because that the new song “Revenge,” Pink lugged out a giant blow-up doll through Eminem’s likeness who is also featured top top the tune as well.

One of the best moments that the night was when Pink did a mashup of mine favorite tune “Funhouse” through No Doubt’s “Just a Girl.” She then followed it up through a scathing cover of Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” complete with a flannel costume change. The theatrics the this present were top notch.From the perfectly choreographed dancers, come the back-up band that didn’t miss out on a beat, this present did not disappoint in the slightest.


Pink | Amway facility Orlando FL | April 24, 2018

The night appeared to fly by v Pink playing hit after hit and also not also stopping to record her breath. What amazes me about this mrs is that while most pop stars usage precorded vocals, Pink in reality sings live. The quantity of stamina this woman has to do the high energy stunts she does on stage and also still sound great, is be turn off the charts.

Just when I believed the night couldn’t get any better, Pink finished she main set with two of mine all-time faves, “Raise your Glass” and also “Blow Me (One critical Kiss).” I might feel the hopeful energy that the fans about me, countless of whom were seeing one of their favorite artists for the first time. The feeling was therefore invigorating the I can have left best then and still to be satisfied….. Yet I’m glad ns didn’t.

The encore was the many magical part of this currently spectacular night and the factor I will continue to go watch Pink every time she concerns town.

She strapped it s her in a harness as she flew around the whole arena singing among her best hits, “So what.” I have never seen an additional artist perform the points that Pink does and that’s what set her above the remainder of she peers. She is on one more whole level the artistry which can not be touched.”


Pink Amway center | Orlando FL | April 24, 2018

Pink went back to the phase one last time to give a love wrenching rendition the “Glitter in the Air.” In the past, she used this track to do acrobatics when hanging in the air, yet this time she walk a stripped down variation of the tune which seemed much more fitting. It to be a beautiful way to finish an activity packed evening of fun.

No issue what genre the music you like, Pink has something that deserve to appeal come everyone. Sheis a contemporary day legend and as lengthy as she continues to placed on shows favor this, ns will store coming back to check out her.

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I wanted to offer a substantial shout out to James Strassberger who did one amazing job of shooting this show. He has actually been death it at every little thing he does and also has proven himself to it is in a an excellent addition come our family at mirrors I walk To. Trevor Bosmans.