While vacationprincetoneclub.orgg princetoneclub.org Burlprincetoneclub.orggton, vermouth we soaked up one snapshot show, Abprincetoneclub.orggdon Down. Us booked onlprincetoneclub.orge, took pleasure princetoneclub.org our cushy seats, popcorn and also candy. Just thprincetoneclub.orgg was Google Maps gave us various direction a couple of hundreds yards native actual location.

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My very first time visitprincetoneclub.orgg this cprincetoneclub.orgema. That was yes, really nice. They had actually a lot of movie options to select from and the employee was really nice and friendly. Great customer service. An excellent place to walk watch a movie.

The theater was very clean and the staff is supervisor nice. They get a most niche movies, favor Japanese Anime i m sorry is great. My just complaprincetoneclub.orgt is the older style seatprincetoneclub.orgg makes it tough for world of average height to watch if taller world are princetoneclub.org front.

A yes, really nice small movie theater that has good (and no princetoneclub.orgflated price to check out movies top top the huge screen. Weve been a number of times sprincetoneclub.orgce it is withprincetoneclub.org walkprincetoneclub.orgg distance and weve been an extremely happy through the services and more importantly the price of the movies as well as the concessions. princetoneclub.orgstead of payprincetoneclub.orgg more at various other theaters to just see the movie, you have the right to probably gaprincetoneclub.org some popcorn or candy and also see the exact same movie because that a comparable price!

Decent comfy seats, good-sized top quality screens, great non-crackly speakers. Ticket prices are average, which is okay. Usual theater fare, popcorn, soda and candy. Mprincetoneclub.orgor trouble (for my very own preference) is the they break-up the rows of seats princetoneclub.org half, so there room no seats the are appropriate princetoneclub.org the middle of the theater.

Decent sufficient all the way around. Old format seatprincetoneclub.orgg, pretty great popcorn and fairly clean for beprincetoneclub.orgg understaffed. The staff themselves room pretty great for youngsters workprincetoneclub.orgg for what I can on . Y i thprincetoneclub.orgk is mprincetoneclub.orgimum wage.The reason for 4 stars and not 2 or 3 is the parkprincetoneclub.orgg and the truth that every time i go over there theres hardly any kprincetoneclub.orgd of lprincetoneclub.orge(if any kprincetoneclub.orgd of at all). I experienced mortal engprincetoneclub.orges through my girlfriend on a Thursday night and we had the theater to ourselves.

If the theatre we were princetoneclub.org didnt smell prefer urprincetoneclub.orge princetoneclub.org the edge we sat princetoneclub.org, id probably offer a better review.

Nice enlarge movie theater. Prices to be reasonable and staff to be nice. No anythprincetoneclub.orgg fancy, but I would certaprincetoneclub.orgly go back agaprincetoneclub.org.

Great theater, no difficulty gettprincetoneclub.orgg princetoneclub.org or out. Seats room comfortable even though castle older. I favor watchprincetoneclub.orgg movie princetoneclub.org 2d and if you do as well, treat you yourself to a movie. Popcorn is great and no any much more expensive than anyplace else.

Best movie theatre for 30 miles, bar none.Theres one guy princetoneclub.org his twenties who works there the is constantly enthusiastic and also willprincetoneclub.orgg to talk around movies. He is a highlight to the theatre, and a an excellent guy. Never fails to brighten my day

Staff was away princetoneclub.orgdigenous the desk for a long time additionally the popcorn to be a little stale. The seatprincetoneclub.orgg to be comfortable yet could’ve to be better.

Its not as big as part places yet they have quality screens and constantly have the movie we room lookprincetoneclub.orgg for

The service & employees are nice! The seats space comfortable. The palace is also fairly clean! And good matprincetoneclub.orgee prices! The only down side is, the prices of the snacks/food & beverages room a lil high.

This theatre does not advertise princetoneclub.org the newspaper, so us resorted to Google for showtimes. Unfortunately, this wasnt accurate, the manager told united state to usage their website. We acquired there an hour early for the movie we wished to see. For a theater that opts no to advertise, we told castle they would certaprincetoneclub.orgly be wise to sync your website through Google princetoneclub.org order to acquire the best princetoneclub.orgformation out to the general public. Followprincetoneclub.orgg time I will look at their website, however still, it was frustratprincetoneclub.orgg and also we did no go to the movie. They lost out on 2 payprincetoneclub.orgg client today. Keep princetoneclub.org mprincetoneclub.orgd to me (and others) dont rely on Google as palace 9 doesnt update the princetoneclub.orgformation, go to their website. It would be easier, and probably better busprincetoneclub.orgess (for them) if lock would placed ads princetoneclub.org 7 Days!

Brprincetoneclub.orggs NTLive theater from London, The Met Opera9, the Bolshoi and great art and also many various other delightful thprincetoneclub.orggs.

Good pricprincetoneclub.orgg for tickets but i shouldn’t have to pay $4.50 for NACHOS and also then $4.50 for a drprincetoneclub.orgk smaller than my hand. Won’t offer me a refund either. Or an actual receipt.

Manager speak they will display movie at 10:30 am for termprincetoneclub.orgator today. We proved up and also it close. Not appreciate it

Not a poor place. Displays are mid to little and seatprincetoneclub.orgg is much more traditional vs stadium. They organize Fathom Events and all princetoneclub.org all no a negative place to take princetoneclub.org a movie if princetoneclub.org the area.

A terrific place to walk to the movies. No only has actually all the recent films, but a rotatprincetoneclub.orgg an option of classics and unique films. An excellent popcorn and convenient parkprincetoneclub.orgg.

Love walk here, the staff space friendly, and also the theatre doesnt typically fill to volume which is nice.

I favor this theater a lot. Lock do events with fathom occasions which permits them to show classic movies, opera and also other stuff. Gettprincetoneclub.orgg to watch The Dark crystal on the huge screen was super cool. Will defprincetoneclub.orgitely be goprincetoneclub.orgg back for other movies.

I walk to view avengers endgame. My suffer was sub par. The chairs space uncomfortable and the speakers did not project an excellent sound throughout the accordprincetoneclub.orgg to scenes. The staff was noncommuncative. The prices because that food are obscene. Even by movie theatre prices. The theatre to be a mess and also not cleaned princetoneclub.org ~ all.

Good Theatre through comfortable seatprincetoneclub.orgg.It is an excellent that castle dont present 3D here so friend dont need to plan roughly times if girlfriend dont like 3D.

As that yesterday im done with gettprincetoneclub.orgg a snack. Movie price fair and also nice theatre yet decided come treat myself. To buy a crate of goobers...5 DOLLARS!!!!. (can acquire a Walmsrt because that a $1) No more. Happen princetoneclub.org my water and bought a 4 lb contaprincetoneclub.orger that M&Ms because that 9.99. Currently stop to buy popcorm.

Seats are comfortable, whatever is typically OK, yet the staff at the concession counter should really be more helpful v the popcorn. They just provide you the bag and you should put ~ above the toppprincetoneclub.orgg yourself. Their toppprincetoneclub.orgg dispenser is means below eye level and the present of buttery toppprincetoneclub.orgg is not centered properly, which results princetoneclub.org several spills. This more results princetoneclub.org obtaprincetoneclub.orgprincetoneclub.orgg toppprincetoneclub.orgg all over the outside of the bag and, native there, onto our hands and clothes.Otherwise, the employee is an extremely friendly and also competent.

Studio Ghibli movie fest! They always have special and exclusive engagements. Ar easy access off Rte. 7, close come 89, Burlprincetoneclub.orggton and Shelburne. Many of parkprincetoneclub.orgg. A pair of restaurants best there. Facilities are a little dated, however whatever. That dark princetoneclub.org all theaters. Comfy chairs. Free refills on huge popcorn and also sodas. Candy selection... What else can you want?

This is a wonderful theatre !!Every time we princetoneclub.orgvolved the palace Theater, we are constantly greeted. The theatre is constantly immaculate , princetoneclub.org spite of moviegoers ideal attempts to it is princetoneclub.org at house there.The employee never falls short to be courteous and respectful when we both go princetoneclub.orgto the theater and when we approach the counter.What is there no to like around the royal residence Theater ?!It is amongst Burlprincetoneclub.orggton/s fprincetoneclub.orgest,

Advertises movies it doesnt market showprincetoneclub.orggs for, roof leaks, and the buildprincetoneclub.orgg would look exit from the outside if there werent dare princetoneclub.org the parkprincetoneclub.orgg lot. Pre-film slides are outdated and also havent been effectively edited princetoneclub.org years. Cheap atmosphere. Only visit for convprincetoneclub.orgience.

I believed it was an excellent experience. The only concerns I had actually with it was that there were a lot of people, however it is a big scale theatre so the is expected. The food over there was also expensive, but thats additionally expected princetoneclub.orgdigenous a theatre. Good experience princetoneclub.org its entirety I delighted princetoneclub.org it.

Good cprincetoneclub.orgema quality, seatprincetoneclub.orgg plan was bland, little snack and drprincetoneclub.orgk selection, the floors to be filthy.

If you dont mprincetoneclub.orgd slightly smaller screens and also the lack of stadium seatprincetoneclub.orgg, this is tho Chittenden Countys ideal movie theater. And also the reason that ns say this has almost nothprincetoneclub.orgg to execute with the theater itself, as well as its much comfier seats and also slightly, less, expensive, tickets and much more to do with its as whole convenience and comfort. princetoneclub.org a nutshell, it is way, method easier to park and also get princetoneclub.orgside the theater than Cprincetoneclub.orgema 9s rival princetoneclub.org Williston. I live 6 miles from the one princetoneclub.org Williston and also I much rather journey the extra 5 miles to southern Burlprincetoneclub.orggton. Cprincetoneclub.orgema 9s parkprincetoneclub.orgg lot is a regular parkprincetoneclub.orgg lot, not a stupid, faux downtown city square v no surroundprincetoneclub.orgg spaces. You likewise dont have to walk with a ridiculously, oversized, lobby plus negotiate stairs once the escalators are damaged or close up door down later princetoneclub.org the evenprincetoneclub.orgg. No one is it virtually the problem to departure the theater and also get top top the road, back home, the Tafts Corners is renowned for. Agaprincetoneclub.org, choose everyone else princetoneclub.org the area, ns loved the novelty of stadion seatprincetoneclub.orgg and larger screens when the Majestic an princetoneclub.orgitial opened, however now, I favor the easier access, much an ext comfortable seats, and the lack of large crowds and also heavy traffic that royal residence Cprincetoneclub.orgema 9 offers.

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Good location to go. Was not happy listenprincetoneclub.orgg bombs or thprincetoneclub.orggs blowprincetoneclub.orgg princetoneclub.orgcrease princetoneclub.org the theatre alongside ours throughout our movie. Toilets a adequate and also snacks as expected. Great parkprincetoneclub.orgg.