Brendon should have won the ideal Rock Album award and also we have the receipts to prove it.

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Another year, an additional Grammy awards consciousness causing conflict with its weird mix that winners and also losers...

Yes, amidst the giggling Corden Car-jacking and politicised performances, there to be moments of genuine shock together the trophies began to leaving the stage.


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Adele took Queen Beyoncé"s crown away from she (which, to be fair, she seemed pretty gutted about), The 1975"s beautifully crafted box job-related went unrewarded and Drake won best Rap performance for a tune where the doesn"t actually do any type of rapping. But there was one other significant oversight that had us particularly riled up together the night drew on...

Panic! in ~ The Disco were robbed the their very first ever Grammy win!


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We space as horrified together you are.

Brendon"s Death of A Bachelorlooked likely to take the gong for ideal Rock Album as he stepped out onto the red carpet in an impossibly white suit v his lovely wife Sarah through his side. But, sadly, ours emo desires were cut quick as the compensation was sent out elsewhere throughout the pre-show announcements.

So, who beat Beebo to the punch?

The finest Rock Album 2017, follow to the Grammys, is Cage The Elephant"s Tell Me I"m Pretty.



Fans were, obviously, unamused.

When you review that cage the elephant winner the grammy for finest rock album #grammys

— Ila ÷ |-/ (
hemmingsvoice__) February 13, 2017

HOW did THE CHAINSMOKERS success A GRAMMY and also
PanicAtTheDisco LOST finest ROCK ALBUM? like WHAT #GRAMMYs

— kris !! (
kriswithcon) February 13, 2017

"death the a bachelor" should"ve won together the ideal rock album at the 2017 grammy awards

— Luna (
_mkhsbrn) February 13, 2017

just woke approximately see that panic! didn"t win a grammy for fatality of a bachelor

— chloe(
planetchlo) February 13, 2017


So exactly how did this happen? Well, the Grammy voters, much like the Oscar voters, have tendency to it is in a quite conservative bunch and also perhaps Panic!"s varied, flamboyant document was just a bit too lot for them to handle. This would likewise explain why they wanted Adele"s 25 end the bombastic multi-media juggernaut the Lemonade and why The 1975"s 17-track approximately masterpiece failed come gain any music noms.


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In one sense that"s good - everyone"s permitted their very own opinion - but surely a failure to reward more ambitious and wide-reaching popular music music makes the awards display seem pretty out of step with the musical landscape in 2017?

And don"t obtain us wrong, Tell Me I"m Pretty is a perfectly good album and we aren"t right here to try and throw the shade at the band or your fans. Yet there are rather a couple of reasons below to question the decision by Grammy voters to provide Cage The Elephant the win...

1) It come out eras ago.


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The Grammys have actually a really weird mechanism of eligibility where, for this year"s ceremony, anything released between October 1 2015 and also September 30 2016 could be eligible for nomination. This method that when Adele won best Album in ~ the Brit Awards last year, she to be still able to take home Record of The Year at the Grammys this year. The same applies for the ideal Rock Album category, Cage The Elephant releasing their album earlier in December 2015 if all other nominees to reduce their documents in 2016. It"s one odd device that makes a lot of the winners seem fairly dated - if you space gonna have actually a solemn event of the last year in music, probably make sure you actually favour points from the critical year.

2) They were in the wrong category.


Cage The Elephant were formerly nominated because that a Grammy in 2015 for Best alternate Album. We have no idea why they were suddenly moved over to the rock category, particularly as this album wasn"t exactly a radical exit in terms of their sound. Similarly, David Bowie took home Best alternative Album and Best Rock power for the very same material. Some stricter genre guidelines must probably have been placed in place here otherwise that all simply gets a bit muddled.

3) it didn"t exactly collection the people on fire.


Tell Me I"m Prettyreached number 26 in the Billboard album chart on release and none the the singles made it right into the warm 100 rankings, do it one of the band"s shortest performing records. Panic!, by contrast, went straight to Number 1 in the US, ranking very in numerous other charts approximately the world and also recently went platinum. Awards shouldn"t be about sales however they must at least attempt to acknowledge career high points choose this one.

4) There were other an ext worthy winners.


Giphy: Blink-182

Even if Panic! weren"t supposed to win, the staying nominees should additionally feel rather letdown. Weezer to be nominated for the first time ever and also would have been really deserving victors ~ over two decades of solid gold hits. Blink-182"s large comeback albumCaliforniawas also up because that the award and a win there would have actually capped off their returning year in style. Also Gojira, a french steel act that have a vast cult following, charted 2 places greater than Cage The Elephant ~ above the album chart when their document Magma was released critical June. Again, no shade on CTE, yet it walk feel like a bit of an empty win.

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Fortunately, Brendon didn"t permit the disappointment acquire him down.

Oh well. There"s constantly next year. In the meantime, here"s a clip the the genuine life the the party. His surname is Duke. #TheGrammys