King ar Parks, Redmond, promoter work-related to settle neighbors’ Marymoor concert pertains to might 25, 2016
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King county Parks, the City the Redmond and concert promoter AEG Live are working with each other to ensure the 2016 Marymoor Park Concerts room enjoyable because that concertgoers and park neighbors alike.


The very first crowd to concerned King County’s Marymoor

Park concert venue will gather there eight days prior to The Lumineers kick turn off the 2016 collection on June 3.

On may 26, concert promoter AEG Live will hold a ar open residence at the Clise Mansion in Marymoor Park. Guest will have actually the possibility to tourism the to meet learn about the concert series, find out what actions are being taken to minimize neighbors’ concerns around sound and traffic worries on concert dates.

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The upcoming ar meeting, collection for 6-8 p.m., is just one of several actions the the promoter, city and county space taking throughout the 2016 concert collection in an answer to complaints that some concert sound levels were too loud, and that web traffic in the neighborhood on concert dates was considerably affecting neighbors.

“We room committed to being an excellent neighbors, and we’ve take away these involves to heart,” claimed King county Parks director Kevin Brown. “Fortunately, we have a strong partnership v the City the Redmond and AEG Live, and also working together we have developed solutions come these issues for the 2016 series.”

Brown and other King ar Parks officials together with AEG Live recently met v the Redmond City employee to provide the city with the finish list of mitigation actions – and also to explore additional mitigation actions. These efforts were gift at the Redmond City Council conference on might 17.

This year, sound levels will certainly be monitored during each performer’s sound check and rehearsal, and also performers will certainly be notified if they space out of compliance with the policy.

Based on references from a sound assessment the was made during the 2015 concert season, performers in 2016 will usage AEG’s sound equipment featuring a specific kind of speaker system that is directed towards the ground and also increases sound absorption in the venue. Artists have actually been given this sound policy, and also will it is in reminded of the policy prior to each show.

Long-term improvements at Marymoor Park include planting trees north of the concert to meet to help serve as a sound buffer. Additionally, King County and AEG have agreed to think about sound mitigation as component of the decision-making procedure in any type of future capital advancement projects.

“King County’s arrangement to minimize noise and traffic is a great an initial step in addressing Redmond residents’ pertains to during the Marymoor concert season,” claimed Redmond Mayor man Marchione. “We appreciate the initiatives that King County and AEG have made to occupational together come respond come our concerns.”

King County, the City the Redmond and also the Washington department of transport (WSDOT) have occurred several website traffic flow alternatives to ease website traffic congestion instantly before and also after a Marymoor concert. These will be tested throughout the first couple of shows that the 2016 season, and permanently applied if successful.

Additionally, King county Parks and the City the Redmond are exploring placing short-term or irreversible reader boards through concert and event alert info on West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

King County, Redmond and also AEG are also partnering on ar communications, including giving information come neighbors around concerts and also other occasions at Marymoor Park. Visit the Marymoor Park website at, and click top top the “subscribe” connect to obtain text blog post or email alerts.

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The Lumineers kick off the 2016 Marymoor Park Concerts collection with three shows, June 3, 4 and also 5. The full concert lineup is:

JuneFriday, Saturday and Sunday June 3, 4 and 5 – The LumineersWednesday, June 15 – slightly StoopidThursday, June 16 – Edward Sharpe and also The Magnetic ZerosWednesday, June 22 – trip of the ConchordsThursday, June 23 – Ben Harper and also the innocent CriminalsSunday, June 26 – Seattle Symphony

JulyFriday, July 15 – die AntwoordSaturday, July 16 – Barenaked LadiesFriday, July 22 – The cable Cheese IncidentSaturday, July 23 – Willie Nelson and also FamilyFriday, July 29 – Weezer and also Panic! at the DiscoSaturday, July 30 – an Evening v The Piano Guys

AugustFriday, Aug. 5 – RebelutionSaturday and Sunday, Aug. 13 and 14 – KNDD Summer CampSaturday, Aug. 20 – Fitz and the TantrumsSaturday, Aug. 27 – i love the 90s, featuring Salt-N-Peppa

SeptemberThursday, Sept. 1 - Needtobreathe

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