In the weeks because her breakup with Chester Castellaw, Paris Jackson has been receiving a the majority of attention on Instagram.

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Sadly, lot of it has actually been an unfavorable (photos the Paris smoking cigarettes cigarettes have attracted harsh criticism indigenous fans), but today the 17-year-old daughter that Michael Jackson is racking increase the likes with a selfie featuring her brand-new hairstyle.


Yes, Paris is doing choose a "90s Gwen Stefani thing here, and also she"s in reality pulling that off.

In other news, we"re so far from the "90s that they"re starting to come back.

We"re i m really sorry if that makes you feeling old, but at the very least you can obtain some use out of those Doc Marten boots and also that cake Billy Corgan "Zero" shirt.

Anyway, what"s really good about this photograph is the Ms. Jackson looks genuinely happy.

Following Paris" self-destruction attempt, rumors around her psychological health and strained partnership with her family members were all over on the Internet, and also it seemed favor the troubled teenager wouldn"t be provided the time and an are she necessary to heal.

These days, Paris speak openly about her past and also her continued struggles (she recently revealed the she regularly attends AA meetings) and also seems to it is in in a much much better place.

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We"re not sure if this snapshot is worth 1,000 words, but it"s absolutely worth returning the smile.


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