Benjy Bronk's Prostate exam -- 'Howard Stern’ Star Probed through Perez Hilton (AUDIO)

Benjy native 'Howard Stern' ANALLY PROBED ON-AIR ... By Perez Hilton

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one of the stars of the Howard Stern show became a person finger puppet now -- when Benjy Bronk obtained a live prostate test on-the-air ... Courtesy of special guest proctologist Perez Hilton.

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As we previously reported, Benjy agreed come the "exam" as component of a weight-loss an obstacle he made v Howard -- Benjy had actually to lose 37 pounds ... Or else his ass becomes a finger warmer.

Benjy ... Understanding it was a lost cause ... Threw in the bath towel this morning -- and also accepted the after-effects of his bet during a live little bit with Perez.

The 2 traveled to a nearby hotel to carry out the deed ... With Benjy screaming his lungs the end the whole time.

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In connected news, Benjy would not carry out well in prison.

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