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Half Marathon

Augustine Choge scored victory via a time of 01:03:24. He bested Scott Smith that crossed the complete line one minute 39 secs behind him. Jeffery Eggleston (01:05:18) made notched 3rd place.

For the women, Buze Diribe claimed victory with a time of 01:11:49 , ahead of Neely Spence Gracey (01:12:08). The 3rd location checked out Frances Koons with a time of 01:15:29

Top 5 Men

1Augustine Choge01:03:24
2Scott Smith01:05:03
3Jeffery Eggleston01:05:18
4Eric Fernandez01:05:26
5Duriel Hardy01:06:54

Top 5 Women

1Buze Diribe01:11:49
2Neely Spence Gracey01:12:08
3Frances Koons01:15:29
4Nicolette Mateescu01:18:57
5Alexandra Bernardi01:19:00

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Tyler Andrews scored victory via a time of 00:15:18, adhered to by David Welsh that finiburned through a time of 00:16:30. The 3rd area went to William Landis with a time of 00:17:38

In the women’s race, Lauren Kelly obtained a win, finishing with a time of 00:18:13 .

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She finished 2 minutes 4 secs ahead of Meghan Coyle. While Marni Wasserman came in third at 00:20:44

Top 5 Men

1Tyler Andrews00:15:18
2David Welsh00:16:30
3William Landis00:17:38
4Kai Syvertsen00:18:01
5Andy Cherry00:18:04

Top 5 Women

1Lauren Kelly00:18:13
2Meghan Coyle00:20:17
3Marni Wasserman00:20:44
4Krista Harlan00:20:38
5Lisa Mazinas00:20:44

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The following edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon will be on September 16, 2017.