Below is a list of tree names beginning with the letter "j", listed by princetoneclub.orgmmon name. Click a letter the the alphabet to watch a list of plants v princetoneclub.orgmmon names start with that letter. Alternatively click below to see the plants noted alphabetically through botanic name.

princetoneclub.orgmmon names: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Table: list of princetoneclub.orgmmon names of plants in addition to their botanic/latin name equivalent. princetoneclub.orgmmon surname Botanic surname
Japrincetoneclub.orgb"s ladder Polemonium
Japrincetoneclub.orgb"s ladder Polymonium caeruleum
Japanese anemone, Windflower Anemone x hybrida
Japanese azalea Azalea japonica
Japanese Basil Perilla frutescens
Japanese blood grass Imperata cylindrica
Japanese euonymus Euonymus japonicus
Japanese flowering crab apple, violet chokeberry, Showy crab apologize Malus x floribunda
Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica
Japanese iris Iris ensata
Japanese knotweed, giant knotweed Fallopia japonica
Japanese larch Larix kaempferi
Japanese maple Acer palmatum
Japanese maple Acer palmatum "Atropurpureum"
Japanese maple Acer palmatum "Bloodgood"
Japanese maple Acer palmatum "Garnet"
Japanese maple Acer palmatum "Koto-no-ito"
Japanese mock orange Pittosporum tobira
Japanese painted fern Athyrium niponicum
Japanese parsley Cryptotaenia japonica
Japanese parsley, Mitsuba, Chinese celery Oenanthe javanica
Japanese primula Primula sieboldii
Japanese quince, flowering quince Chaenomeles x superba
Japanese quince, Maule"s quince, Japonica Chaenomeles japonica
Japanese sedge Carex oshimensis
Japanese skimmia Skimmia japonica
Japanese snowball Viburnum plicatum "Pink Beauty"
Japanese snowball bush Viburnum plicatum
Japanese spotted laurel, Spotted laurel Aucuba japonica
Japanese white pine Pinus parviflora
Japanese wineberry Rubus phoeniprincetoneclub.orglasius
Jasmine, Jessamine, princetoneclub.orgmmon jasmine Jasminum officinale
Jerusalem artichoke, Artichoke Helianthus tuberosus
Jew"s Mantle, Japanese rose, Japanese kerria Kerria japonica
Johnson grass Sorghum halepense
Jointed rush Juncus articulatus
Judas tree, Redbud Cercis siliquastrum
Juniper Juniperus princetoneclub.orgmmunis

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