Title: Project administration Body of expertise (PMBOK Guide)Author: Project monitoring Institute Inc.Edition: fifth EditionISBN-13: 9781935589679Category: Proyect ManagementFile Type: eBookLanguage: English

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Like ahead editions, this typical presents typically recognized great practices and also reflects continually evolving knowledge.

PrefaceThe Project administration FrameworkIntroduction1.1 purpose of the PMBOK GUIDE1.2 What is a Project?1.3 What is project Management?1.4 The PMBOK overview Structure1.5 areas of Expertise1.6 Project administration ContextProject Life Cycle and also Organization2.1 The project Life Cycle2.2 task Stakeholders2.3 organizational InfluencesThe traditional for Project management of a ProjectProject administration Processes because that a Project3.1 Project monitoring Processes3.2 task management procedure Groups3.3 process Interactions3.4 task Management procedure MappingThe project Management expertise AreasIntroductionProcess flow DiagramsMajor task DocumentsProject Integration Management4.1 construct Project Charter4.2 construct Preliminary job Scope Statement4.3 build Project administration Plan4.4 Direct and also Manage project Execution4.5 Monitor and Control task Work4.6 Integrated change Control4.7 close ProjectProject border Management5.1 border Planning5.2 limit Definition5.3 produce WBS5.4 limit Verification5.5 border ControlProject Time Management6.1 task Definition6.2 activity Sequencing6.3 Activity source Estimating6.4 task Duration Estimating6.5 Schedule Development6.6 Schedule ControlProject expense Management7.1 expense Estimating7.2 price Budgeting7.3 price ControlProject quality Management8.1 quality Planning8.2 carry out Quality Assurance8.3 execute Quality ControlProject Human source Management9.1 Human resource Planning9.2 obtain Project Team9.3 construct Project Team9.4 control Project TeamProject interactions Management10.1 communications Planning10.2 info Distribution10.3 power Reporting10.4 regulate StakeholdersProject danger Management11.1 Risk monitoring Planning11.2 danger Identification11.3 Qualitative threat Analysis11.4 Quantitative hazard Analysis11.5 Risk solution Planning11.6 hazard Monitoring and also ControlProject Procurement Management12.1 setup Purchases and Acquisitions12.2 setup Contracting12.3 inquiry Seller Responses12.4 select Sellers12.5 Contract Administration12.6 Contract ClosureAppendicesThird version ChangesEvolution the PMI"s A guide to the Project management Body that KnowledgeContributors and also Reviewers of PMBOK overview - 3rd EditionApplication Area ExtensionsAdditional sources of information on task ManagementSummary of project Management expertise AreasGlossary and IndexReferencesGlossaryIndex

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