I"m currently at the limit of 9 and also the majority of of them are 5km eggs. Is tright here any kind of way to get rid of them? I desire to make area for 10km eggs bereason I hope they contain rarer Pokémon.

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There doesn"t seem to be a method to rerelocate eggs as of this minute. Seems favor the just means is to hatch them.

Source: Multiple mentions of it on Reddit.


It is indeed impossible to remove your eggs various other than hatching them. Although your theority around the distance needed for the eggs to hatch and the likelyhood of a rare pokemon has actually been shown.


As of this update, tbelow is no clear method to eliminate eggs.

The best and just way to eliminate eggs is to hatch them, you have you walk to hatch them. You have to hatch them to remove them.


I haven"t uncovered a means to discard eggs. I think it"s component of the game and also it"s method of limiting points. You must walk to catch Pokémon, so simply do not foracquire to have actually some incubating. Just gained a CP 722 Electabuzz from a 10km egg!

The capacity to delete Eggs has actually still not been presented to the app, but this is definitely a function that Niantic will be forced to implement in the near future.

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If you want this function and hope to add to the cause, click on the "Pokéball" while in-game, complied with by the "Settings" switch to "Report High-Priority Issue".

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