There are plenty that musicians with signature, eye-catching looks. Taylor Swift has actually her fringe, Ariana Grande has her ponytail, and also Post Malone has ... His confront tattoos. The rapper and also singer, that exploded top top the scene thanks to a an option of singles v killer hooks, together per Billboard, lets everybody understand he"s "always tired" by inscribing those words ideal underneath his hefty eye bags. Meanwhile, the phrase "stay away," inked over his best eyebrow, guarantee nobody it s okay close enough to cop a noise of his legendary musk.

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As Insider notes, when post Malone an initial appeared ago in 2015, the was in reality tattoo-free. The musician"s body arts collection, i m sorry numbers practically 70 and also counting, runs the gamut native a Playboy rabbit (whose healing was messed increase by none various other than Justin Bieber) to an upside-down sword inked with the intentionally of annoying his long-suffering mother. There are also portraits of celebrities as far-reaching as JFK and kurt Cobain. But how different would short article Malone, so well known for his tattoos, look without them?

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Although his plethora of ink — specifically on his face — garners lot of of attention, short article Malone admitted in one interview with GQ that the covers up the end of insecurity. "I"m a ugly-a** motherf*****r," the said, noting, "I don"t like how I look, for this reason I"m going to placed something cool on over there so I can look in ~ myself and also say, "You look cool, kid," and also have a modicum the self-confidence, once it pertains to my appearance." The "Sunflower" hit-maker doubled under while consequently speaking come the publication, arguing, "I feel prefer the face tattoos do me interesting to look at." Plus, again, his mommy hates them. 

Post Malone described the designs don"t necessarily have a deep definition — rather, the rapper (real name Austin Post) merely gets everything he feels choose at the time. The sword on his face, for example, was because "I"ve been right into them because I to be a little kid." Committing come a brand-new tattoo have the right to take as little as 2 hours. As for just how he looked there is no them, article Malone acknowledged, "It"s interesting to look earlier at the image from as soon as I had actually no tattoos." He added, "It"s just bizarre come see. The becomes together a component of you that you don"t also notice." judging by the picture above, he"d look how amazing businesslike.