Over the critical century the method in i beg your pardon the ax “pound-for-pound” (P4P) has been questioned in boxing circles has actually changed.

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In boxing, “pound-for-Pound” has been supplied for end a century, one such early example being when the night Star newspaper, in 1906, defined Battling Nelson together “the fighter of the century at his weight,” and also stated “that he would never ago water or break-up hairs when forced to meet any type of boxer top top a lb for lb basis.” (as per Luke Williams’ “A short background of P4P” - Boxing Monthly, 2016). If the weight was equal, Battling Nelson would certainly fight anyone.

By the middle of the 20th century the hatchet “pound-for-pound best” ended up being heavily connected with Sugar beam Robinson, in recognition of his exceptional talent, despite being too little to complete in the more financially rewarding and popular, Heavyweight division. Muhammad Ali summarised how numerous viewed Robinson:

“Pound-for-pound. As soon as they to speak Sugar beam Robinson to be the biggest fighter pound-for-pound, an interpretation that if ns imagine he was a Heavyweight fighting through the exact same style, he would be the greatest. I would have to admit, ns would need to say yes.

“I have actually his hit films, and also that guy was beautiful. Timing, speed, reflexes, rhythm, his body, everything was beautiful.”


Traditionally, this was just how the hatchet was generally applied. Visualise 2 fighters gift the very same weight, and based top top talent and also skill i beg your pardon boxer would be victorious?

In 1989 The Ring Magazine began producing a monthly pound-for-pound optimal 10, adding much more depth and also organisation come the topic.

Ring newspaper editor, Tom Gray, offered his an introduction of the varied criteria that can be offered in translate into a P4P perform in his introduction to “The Ring pound For pound History: from Iron Mike come Chocolatito”:

“One fan might appreciate the technological side the the sport, whereas another might marvel in ~ the brutality that a clean knockout. One member of the media might appreciate a long reigning champion, whereas another might solely focus top top the the opposite beaten. No pound for pound perform is synonymous with truth; not Ring Magazine’s, not yours and also not mine.”

During Sky’s “Pound-for-pound” regime in 1996, the so late veteran boxing expert, Reginald Gutteridge provided his opinion on what was needed to be a P4P height fighter:

“It’s who they fought, that’s who I consider as the best fighter. Has actually he tackled the ideal fighters that his time, not ducked and also dived his means through?” The path of victory over the best feasible opposition - no perfect records and also quantity - was much more important in Gutteridge’s estimation.

ESPN boxing analyst and also former P4P No,1, Andre Ward (FightHype.com February, 2018), hosted a comparable viewpoint:

“It doesn’t median you need to have all wins, however there has to be a continuous track record, whereby I’ve got more large wins against large name fighters, and in 50/50 match-ups, if girlfriend will, than I perform losses.”

In 2019, the question,“imagine they to be the very same weight and fought - that would win?” seems obsolete, when the leading boxing websites upgrade their P4P lists.

Currently, many boxing sites (Ring, TBRB, Boxing News, ESPN), perform Vasyl Lomachenko together their P4P No.1 fighter. Assessing the Ukrainian’s job helps identify the attributes that contemporary boxing analysts look for as soon as picking your No.1 among active fighters.

1. Current performances. Vasyl has actually only had actually 14 expert fights in much less than six years as a professional, shedding one that them. Since his ns in march 2014, he"s on a five year 12 fight unbeaten run. No other P4P top 10 fighter has actually so couple of fights on their resume, yet Vasyl is No.1. Manny Pacquiao has had actually 70 fights, and also in 2009 had sensational KO victories end Hatton and also Cotto, may be a superior couple of wins than any kind of other active fighter has actually - however these were a decade ago. Exactly how far earlier should be counted? That"s debatable, yet it"s evident, recent bouts room what demonstrate a fighter"s current performance level, and also therefore warrant the most attention on P4P lists. 2. Victories end high high quality opposition. In a run of simply 5 fights, Lomachenko defeated the undefeated previous No.1 Featherweight in the world, Nicholas Walters, solid contenders Jason Sosa and also Miguel Marriaga, the undefeated No.1 small Featherweight in the world, billy Rigondeaux, and the No.1 Lightweight in the world, Jorge Linares. The Rigondeaux victory elevated Lomachenko to the optimal of countless pound-for-pound lists, and the Linares success left very few disagreeing. A fighter through a lengthy unbeaten streak will regularly get noticed, yet usually, that is the win over a peak rated rival the catapults him right into a P4P perform - Ricky Hatton, 38-0, beating Kostya Tszyu, and Joe Calzaghe, 40-0, drubbing Jeff Lacy, relatively late in your careers, are good examples the this. 3. The format in i beg your pardon the victories to be achieved. While recent victories over top quality opposition (the 2 points above), space the key criteria once assessing the pound-for-pound top boxers, the manner of the wins can be a deciding factor. The the five enemies named above, Lomachenko stopped all of them (three of them, Walters, Marriaga and Rigondeaux, had never been quit before). As well as the Linares fight, Vasyl made the other victories appear easy.

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Eye-catching, flamboyant skills are often connected with a P4P top dog (a 90’s Roy Jones junior throwing a knockout beat from behind his ago springs to mind) yet they aren’t essential. If a fighter has actually convincingly ticked the criteria above, then they room supremely professional – whether they punch the opposition far in 1 round like Mike Tyson, or victory a pair that 12 ring unanimous decisions like Roman Gonzalez. Bernard Hopkins might not have a highlight reel that matches Manny Pacquiao’s, but nevertheless, the deserved his P4P No.1 place in 2004.

Andre Ward: “It do not do it be about popularity. It shouldn’t also be about skill, since guys get it in different kind the ways. Some guys don’t have flashy skills, however anybody that’s taken into consideration on the (P4P) list - lock still got skills.”

Historically, when considering the finest pound-for-pound battle aircraft in the world, analysts often attempted to visualise fighter A gift the same weight as fighter B, and gauge who would success in a one-on-one situation. The emphasis these work is generally based on a an ext structured break down of fairly recent opposition that the boxer in question has faced. Having actually said this, if a pound-for-pound No.1 has impressively thrashed a cable of top-notch foes (like Ukrainian, Lomachenko has), most would still fancy him come beat any type of fighter in the world, if perceived in the traditional, “imagine they were the exact same weight,” manner.