’s new KidZone is now Open!’s KidZone is equipped v arcade games, interactive toys, a big dry erase board wall, and also much more! We additionally welcome two brand-new pediatricians to our pediatric team, Dr. Burke and Dr. Johnson are currently accepting brand-new patients in the boy Zone! contact 1-606-435-7514 or 606-439-1300 to schedule an…

We space excited come announce our brand-new pediatricians will be right here soon! Both Dr. Burke and also Dr. Johnson will certainly be obtainable for new patients starting in August. We are likewise in the procedure of revamping our entire pediatric. Keep complying with our website and our society media for much more updates regarding our pediatric services! Dr. O’Rourke…

We currently have and are scheduling appointments because that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for youngsters ages 12-17. Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines and also Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines now obtainable at by appointment. Call 606-435-7695 to schedule her appointment or with any type of vaccine associated questions. We currently offer exact same day COVID-19 trial and error results! protect against in peril or Hyden…
*’s main focus these past few months has actually been offering our local areas with the finest care feasible in an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are striving to assist get ours organization and also our patients earlier to a sense of normalcy. We currently have and are scheduling appointments because that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for…


Since 2003 Primary care Centers of eastern Kentucky ( has been providing the mountains with the highest quality health care. Our goal is to produce a central medical hub with treatment for every your clinical needs in one place. Friend no longer need to journey to multiple areas for medical, dental, mental or pharmacy care. At every these services are provided under one roof.

You are watching: Primary care centers of eastern kentucky is recognized, together a Patient-Centered Medical residence by the nationwide Committee of high quality Assurance. A Patient-Centered Medical house is a model of health care delivery the is hosted to national standards, encompassing every one of your health care needs, native preventive treatment to chronic condition management. Patient receive treatment that is coordinated, accessible, and also comprehensive. Our highly trained staff is specialized to cultivating your health and well-being. Gift a Patient-Centered Medical house is just an additional step we space taking to development the health of you and also your family.

Our offices are headquartered in Hazard, KY. Us also provide the same committed services in Hindman, Hyden, and Vicco. For contact information, and hours of procedure for all our locations click here.

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Primary treatment Centers Portal facilitates far better communication with your physician"s office by providing convenient 24 x 7 accessibility from the comfort and privacy of her own residence or office.

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