Innovation is a considerable concept that deserve to not be characterized by making use of a singular factor. We pointed out concept, precisely because innovation can be viewed as a process, mentality, culture, technology, person resources and also many other notions that space at the basis of it.

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We have actually tried to cover as many notions as possible in the article Everything You need to Know around Innovation – The Innovation process and species of Innovation. There, we have presented various types and also approaches come innovation, together with examples the innovation, from different perspectives such as: the object of innovation, the market’s evolution, how severe can innovation be, its effects and also many others. 

If in that article we have extensively presented the phenomenon, this day we are going come talk about two species of development – product development and process innovation. These two categories space regularly existing on the market, this days, being part of technique to creation that is based on its objective.


I. Product Innovation

1. What is product innovation?

Product innovation is a type of creation that is much more noticeable because that the consumer and also it is associated either to the enhancement of a company’s older products, either to the development of brand-new products which space based on new technologies or i m sorry solve new needs the a consumer. 

Product innovation occurs together a reaction come multiple components – for example, a consumer’s requirements are figured out by social, social or economical factors, while in ~ a business and also organisational level, product innovation is performed as soon as its purpose is the development to new market segment or the attainment of vain advantage.

When product innovation is conducted through the advancement of a new product, it deserve to either solve an larger consumers’ problem in a brand-new (innovative) way, or solve a brand-new consumers’ problem, which developed as a an effect of the development of the factors aforementioned – social, social and economical.


2. Instances of product innovation


E-Readers are part of both of these categories – innovative products that satisfy an older need in a new manner and a new need, which developed as a result of the evolution of the social, cultural and economic factors. 


The older need is that of reading. If us were to think around it, till the first E-Readers emerged on the market, analysis was keep going in the same way from the beginning – on document or other physical surfaces. Well, with the evolution of an innovation the possibility of creating this kind of digital systems to an older “problem” emerged.

We can additionally talk about a brand-new need – the require for reading “on the go” which occurred with the increasing circulation from the cities. A book can be check out in the very same manner indeed however the e-readers also offer, besides the comfort of reading, the comfort of having a huge variety of materials stocked ~ above a rather small device.



Apple is most likely one that the service providers which have the most popular product innovations. Starting from the role that the agency had in the development of the very first personal computer systems in the 70s, to all the species of smartphones they exit in the past 10 years, Apple is surely a leader ~ above the sector when talking around product innovation.


First of all, Apple is one of the pillars of product development that deals with the development of brand-new products and brand-new technologies. Both the an initial Macintosh, Macintosh 128k and iPhone, additionally called iphone phone 2G are products that changed the game and also revolutionised the industry.

What is more, Apple likewise excels as soon as talking about product invention that is arisen by improving pre-existing products. This deserve to be easily observed in ~ the new characteristics and pieces that are added at each brand-new iPhone.


II. Procedure Innovation

1. What is process innovation?

Process innovation concentrates on the innovation of facilities, skills and technologies provided for the production and delivering the products and also services. As protest to product innovation, the impacts are no as noticeable to the consumers.

Product invention can an outcome in a diminish in production cost and time and also the improvement of certain processes or the remove of specific barriers from the production procedure or consumption.

Most the the times, process innovation is perform either in ~ the tools used, either in ~ the technologies used for arising the product or also within the techniques used by the employees.


2. Instances of procedure innovation


McDonald’s is a classical instance of procedure innovation. Even despite a few burgers and also some fries carry out not it seems ~ to need a major process.

The procedure itself is the one that helped Ray Kroc convince the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, to market their McDonald’s franchise at the finish of the 40s. You can observe the food’s production process that made a difference between McDonald’s and the other fast-foods in the succession below, indigenous the movie The Founder.

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Another example of procedure innovation accomplished by McDonald’s is a call-centre in a town close to Los Angeles, i m sorry takes over the drive-through orders native multiple restaurants throughout the USA. This call-centre choose up the orders remotely and transmits them back to the very same fast-food. This helped them win a few additional seconds for every order.