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A _____ is a set of instructions the a computer follows to execute a task.Program
The physical gadgets that a computer system is make of are referred to as _____.Hardware
The part of a computer that runs programs is called the _____.Central handling Unit (CPU)
Today, CPUs are little chips known as _____.Microprocessors
The computer system stores a program while the program is running, as well as the data the the regimen is functioning with, in _____.Main Memory
This is a volatile kind of memory the is offered only for short-lived storage if a regimen is running.Random-Access storage (RAM)
A form of storage that deserve to hold data for lengthy periods that time -- also when over there is no strength to the computer -- is called _____.Secondary Storage
A component that collects data from world or other devices and sends it come the computer system is referred to as an _____.Input Device
A video display is what sort of device?Output Device
A _____ is enough memory to save a letter that the alphabet or a little number.Byte
A byte is consisted of of eight _____.Bits
In a _____ numbering system, all numeric values room written as sequences that 0s and also 1s.Binary
A little that is turned turn off represents the following value:0
A set of 128 numeric codes that stand for the English letters, various punctuation marks, and also other characters is _____.American standard Code for details Interchange (ASCII)
An extensive encoding plan that have the right to represent the characters of many of the languages in the people is _____.Unicode
Negative numbers room encoded utilizing the _____ technique.Two's Compliment
Real numbers room encoded making use of the _____ technique.Floating-Point
The tiny dots of shade that digital pictures are written of are dubbed _____.Pixels
If you were to look in ~ a device language program, you would check out _____.A present of binary numbers.
In the _____ part of the fetch-decode-execute cycle, the CPU determines which procedure it need to perform.Decode
Computers have the right to only execute programs that room written in _____.Machine Language
The _____ converts an assembly language regime to a an equipment language program.Assembler
The words that comprise a high-level programming language are called _____.Key words (Reserved Words)
The rules that need to be complied with when writing a routine are referred to as _____.Syntax
A _____ program translates a high-level language program into a separate machine language program.Compiler
Programs top top a computer system are likewise known together _____.Software
A _____ is a human being with the cultivate and an abilities necessary come design, create, and test computer programs.Programmer (Software Developer)
When a computer system is performing the jobs that a regime tells it to do, the computer is _____.Running (Executing)
A nonvolatile form of storage the have the right to be read, however not changed or altered in any kind of way.Read-Only storage (ROM)
When memory doesn't lose its contents even once the computer's strength is turned off, that is classified together _____.Nonvolatile
When memory loses its contents as a regime closes or the computer's power is turn off, it is classified together _____.Volatile
The most common kind of an additional storage devices. It shop data by magnetically encoding the onto a circular disk.Disk Drive
A an additional storage device that stores data in solid-state memory. Has no relocating parts and also operates faster than a timeless disk drive.Solid State Drive
Individual instructions the a programmer uses to create a regime in a high-level programming language.Statements
A regime that both translates and also executes the accuse in a high-level language program. As it reads every individual instruction in the program, that converts it to a maker language instruction and also then instantly executes it.Interpreter
The statements that a programmer writes in a high-level language are recognized as _____.Source password (Code)
A failure such together a misspelled crucial word, a absent punctuation character, or the incorrect usage of one operator.Syntax Error
Specialized software supplied by many programmers to create a program. Is packaged through a compiler/interpreter, a text editor with dedicated features for creating high-level programming language, and also useful tools for trial and error program and also locating errors.Integrated breakthrough Environment (IDE)
Programs the control and also manage the simple operations that a computer are known as _____.System Software
The most basic set of program on a computer. Controls the internal operations that the computer's hardware, manages all of the devices connected to the computer, enables data to be saved and also retrieved from warehouse devices, and permits other programs to operation on the computer.Operating System
A _____ performs a specialized task that enhances the computer's operation or safeguards data.Utility Program
Programs the programmers use to create, modify, and also test software program are recognized as _____.Software advance Tools
Programs the make a computer advantageous for day-to-day tasks. People normally spend many of their time to run on their computers.Application Software
Small devices that plug right into the computer and appear to the system as a disc drive. These drives don't actually contain a disk drive, yet instead usage flash memory.Universal Serial Bus cd driver (USB Drives, storage Sticks, flash Drives)
Allows data to it is in stored in ~ a far server via the net or via a company's personal network. Have the right to be accessed from any an equipment that has actually a network connection.Cloud Storage
Any data the computer system collects native people and from other devices is recognized as _____.Input
Any data the computer produces for human being for other gadgets is recognized as _____.Output
Term provided to explain anything that uses binary numbers (machine language) come function.Digital
Data the is stored in binary is well-known as _____.Digital Data
Any device that works through binary data is recognized as a _____.Digital Device
The entire set of instructions that a CPU have the right to execute is known as one _____.Instruction Set
In the _____ component of the fetch-decode-execute cycle, the following instruction from memory is read into the CPU.Fetch
In the _____ component of the fetch-decode-execute cycle, the operation is performed.Execute
Created together an different to machine language for people to understand more easily. Uses quick words (mnemonics) for instructions instead of binary numbers.Assembly Language
Assembly language is additionally known together _____.Low-Level Language
Language that enables you to create powerful and complex programs without knowing just how the CPU works, and without writing large numbers that low-level instructions.High-Level Language
Special characters that perform miscellaneous operations ~ above data are well-known as _____.

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List the five significant components the a computer system system.Central handling Unit (CPU), key Memory, secondary Storage Devices, intake Devices, and Output Devices