Dabbing is dead. This is the next celebration that every sports figure will have actually done two months from now.

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There has actually been one overriding design template to the college football bowl season: football player celebrating stuff by running in place.

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Here"s Alabama after ~ its an initial touchdown the the noodle Bowl:


Here space Deshaun Watson and Wayne Gallman in the Orange Bowl:

And Ohio State:

And here"s a GIF the the DBs obtaining their stride-on, by popular request. Pic.twitter.com/C6JNaDJyQ1

— Eleven warrior (
ParkerBoudreaux) December 30, 2015

And Houston:

Houston stated they "ran turn off on the plug twice" pic.twitter.com/MYL5MkClTU

— Lil bit ✨ (
ayanna_airborne) December 31, 2015

And Ole Miss:


Even pen State"s punter got in ~ above it:


This is simply a sampling.

The start of every this is the music video for "Ritz Carlton" through Plies, a rapper who REALLY LIKES YELLING and, once upon a time, played vast receiver for Miami (Ohio) under his government name, Algernod Washington. (Here"s a photo of that in action -- he"s No. 5.) In the video, Plies cases to have actually "RAN off ON THE PLUG TWICE." together in, he got away without paying his medicine hookup, then regulated to execute it again. He celebrate this success like this:

Plies started a movement with this "Ran turn off On Da Plug Twice" pic.twitter.com/1I8cfR5Il5

— Lee Harvey (
MusikFan4Life) December 24, 2015

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It"s simultaneously exceptionally dorky and baller as all hell. He"s to run in location like a doofus, however he"s put on a bathrobe and also shades while holding a party in his Ritz-Carlton toilet which wake up to have money thrown all over the floor.

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Anyway, her favorite football player already knows about this. If it"s anything favor dabbing, it"ll it is in no time until also the oldest, most out-of-touch people in the world will it is in doing it, and you will be begging because that the finish of running off on the plug.

The the happiest person around this? Plies, who seems to it is in watching every among these games and tweeting videos the players running off ~ above the plug twice. The least happy human is presumably Plies" plug, that now needs to watch well known athletes storage his embarrassing encounters v Plies. Bad guy.

* * *

SB nation presents: anyone is copying cam Newton"s dabbing

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