9 the 10: The Outsiders was everything I can have hoped it would certainly be after year of hearing about it. Rapid paced, great characters, sad, but hopeful.

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So, you’ve more than likely never heard the this little-known book, however hey, it to be pretty good. Wait, no. I’m more than likely the last human being on the challenge of the earth to have read it.

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is the grandparent of YA literature and it’s been renowned for 30 years. For great reason.

Also, you know just how sometimes friend hear around a publication for years and years, and you have actually sort of this idea in your head about the main plot? for some factor I entirely thought that was about a bunch of guys living in cars. That is, well, not. I now know this.

the outsiders by s.e. Hinton

Ponyboy (yes, his actual name) is the youngest of three brothers. His parents were killed in an accident recently and his oldest brother, through a scholarship to college to beat football, has actually stayed residence to occupational two jobs and support the other two boys. The other brother, Sodapop (yes, also real name), has actually dropped out of high school and also works together well. Ponyboy, that is a good student, is quiet in high school, but figures he’ll end up working as well after the graduates.

After all, the guys live top top the wrong side of town, with little money, and also they are considered “greasers.” The other greasers they hang around with lug knives or guns, fight, space in and also out the jail, drink, smoke, and basically have no futures. And also their biggest enemies are the Socs, the youngsters from the ideal side the town that seem to have actually it all: money, quite cars, the right clothing, and a future.

There is a plot, one that moves quite quickly, yet the real point of the story is the characters and also the exploration of human being nature. I proceed to it is in amazed in ~ S.E. Hinton’s capability to see so clearly what human being are like and also narrate it in such a moving way. I just have the right to hardly believe she composed this publication at fifteen (published as soon as she to be sixteen). She writing simply appeals come me in a method that proceeds to surprise me.

I wish i hadn’t placed off this book for so long; it really does deserve the hype. It’s sad, yes, with human being in terribly complicated circumstances, finding themselves at the mercy the prejudice and also bad luck, but also looking the end for every other, finding good in hard times, and working to make life better. This publication is, because that me, in its very own strange way an embodiment of the American dream.

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Basically, if girlfriend haven’t read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, friend should. Not only since it’s famous and popular, but since it is simply a good book. One that will certainly make you thankful for what you have and motivated to occupational to get what you want. In one unbelievably uncliche sort of way.

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