document required trial through a jury of one"s peers. C. King man was required to authorize the document. D. The meeting of the English Barons and King John occurred at Runnymede.

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The prize is C due to the fact that the record spoke of nobles rights and obligations and the king"s rights and obligations toward them, not towards all Englishmen. Also, the nobles most likely cared less for the common folk than Ol" King John. C)i hope this help

2. Native your knowledge of American history, describe another conflict, current or distant in time, in which Americans opposed eac

Answer: human being War I.


When us talk about collective opposition to war, we deserve to take human being War I as an example. The beginning of the problem in Europe and the civilization met with collective opposition to the entry into the unified States" war by the people and also the government. Chairman Woodward Wilson himself was opposed to the country entering the war. The world supported him through slogans that could be seen throughout America in those years and also read "The One Who saved Us from the War," alluding come the president. The United says joined the war only near the end of the conflict when that is interests began to it is in threatened. Globally, the people and the federal government were versus involving the country in the war.

Chris is universally known by historians and Scholars prefer as the most famous and most crucial speech ever delivered by a us president. He produced a new chapter in the background of the world as one of the finest examples of English publicly oratory. He gets Burg address remains as powerful as that does since it"s come to be a yardstick against which we measure our culture and in doing for this reason we"ve kept Lincoln"s post meaningful.

How did afri Americans in the post-Civil war era respond to the hostile setting of the South?


The afri Americans in the post-civil battle era comment to the hostile setting of the south by confiscating floor on exit plantations.


After the Civil battle was over, details amendments to be made come the structure which then enabled the freed servants from the southern states to acquire the abandoned plantation lands of the previous owners. This best that was offered by the structure was supplied by many slaves to confiscate floor of the former owners.

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Free sector don’t exist anymore. We live in the era that monopolies, syndicates, trusts, and banks that regulate the economy. That’s dubbed monopoly-capitalism, which gone beyond free-market capitalism in the 1900s.
When Santa Anna’s army gave the Texans in ~ the Alamo a chance to surrender, exactly how did the Texans respond?