In this section, girlfriend will uncover everything you need to know about lazy susans and selecting the perfect one to save your kitchen organized. Lazy Susan heat is revered as the finest in the industry with impressive quality, unfaltering durability, and premium selection! Our comprehensive collection the Lazy Susans has Full Circle, Kidney, D-Shape, Pie Cut, and col-6 Moon designs come accommodate any cabinet shape. The bottom line is once you require a lazy susan contact on the brand, you have the right to trust for remarkable quality, and also that started it all:!

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Material and Finish

The varieties of materials and also finishes provided in a design can create a specific ambiance or look. Selecting the right one is an important and is why we market our lazy susans in materials like wood, polymer and wire. Also, v our good, much better and best construction options, you are sure to find the perfect storage solution for your home and also budget.

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Lazy Susan Hardware

When considering a lazy susan, you should take a few things into consideration cabinet type, cabinet size, material and functionality. Whether product or function comes very first is open to interpretation, therefore the best means to do an notified buying decision is to know the different functionalities so you deserve to be sure the material you choose comes v the functions that friend want. 

Single Shelf or Shelf Sets solitary shelves are obtainable with post and also bearing options. All solitary versions bottom mountain to the cabinet, but write-ups susans have a hole in the shelf while bearing placed susans are solid.

Shelf sets, meaning a susan through (2) or an ext shelves post mount. Yet there space a couple of things to consider like bottom mounting vs. Bottom and top mounting and dependent vs. Elevation rotation. Whether her susan has actually polymer or chrome accessories depends on the overall collection you select

Bottom mountain or Telescoping PostsBottom mounting is the usage of a static write-up that mounts come the bottom of the cabinet, that does no telescope out and also is typically for installing just (2) shelves.

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A telescoping post mounts come both the floor and also ceiling of her cabinet and also extends out to varying sizes come fit a selection of cabinet heights and also is because that mounting (2) or an ext shelves.